SUSE Manager Update Streamlines Linux Management

September 19, 2012

New SUSE Manager 1.7 enhancements to help customers grow their Linux deployments while reducing management effort

Orlando, Florida

SUSE® today announced from its user conference, SUSECon, the release of SUSE Manager 1.7 the latest version of its systems management solution for enterprise Linux environments. SUSE Manager’s capabilities help enterprises to comprehensively manage SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers with a single centralized solution. Version 1.7 includes flexibility and compliance enhancements that help customers grow their Linux deployments while reducing management effort.

Customers with multiple Linux environments, such as German optical retailer Apollo-Optik Holding GmbH & Co KG, can leverage the upgraded solution to increase overall efficiency by provisioning more tasks with fewer errors.

“Apollo is currently rolling out an entire retail infrastructure with 800 Apollo-Optik and Pearle Optik stores in Germany and more than 100 stores in Austria based on SUSE Linux Enterprise,” said Markus Abwandner, Head of Computing Center, Apollo-Optik, Germany’s largest. “Each Apollo store is running its own SUSE Linux Enterprise Server instance providing all critical services inside the branch. We anticipate the new features in SUSE Manager 1.7 will make it easier to perform management and provisioning tasks faster and with fewer errors, which will improve IT staff productivity and reduce server downtime.”

SUSE Manager 1.7 helps reduce both the total cost of ownership and complexity of managing Linux systems while also helping to improve compliance with corporate policies and external regulations. Among the new features SUSE Manager 1.7 offers customers:

  • Compliance Improvements – SUSE Manager 1.7 offers a standard approach to maintaining the security of enterprise systems (OpenSCAP), from auditing the status of software patches to confirming that servers have the latest security updates and security configuration settings. Version 1.7 also proactively monitors for signs of certain security compromises.
  • Flexible Deployment Options – SUSE Manager 1.7 supports the open source PostgreSQL database. Customers now have the choice between using an external Oracle 10g or 11g database, an embedded commercial enterprise database or an embedded PostgreSQL database to accommodate a wide range of deployment and scalability scenarios.
  • Additional Provisioning and Management Enhancements – SUSE Manager 1.7 includes enablement for IPv6 addresses, allowing IT administrators the ability to more efficiently manage the lifecycle of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

“It is an essential requirement for businesses of all sizes to manage Linux environments with the expectation to deliver high standards of service quality,” said Michael Miller, vice president of Global Alliances and Marketing for SUSE. “As the systems management needs of the enterprise continue to grow, we have equipped SUSE Manager with new features and capabilities that will help our customers maintain a competitive edge.”

SUSE Manager 1.7 is aligned with the latest version of the open source project Spacewalk, making it the only Linux server-management solution built to handle both SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In combination with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with Expanded Support, SUSE Manager 1.7 delivers equivalent management capabilities for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, while offering a simple and straightforward migration from Red Hat Network Satellite.


SUSE Manager 1.7 is available now. For more information, please visit

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