SUSE Studio Onsite 1.3

SUSE Studio Onsite® is a Web application for building and testing appliances in a Web browser. It supports creation of virtual appliances and live systems based on SUSE Linux operating systems. SUSE Studio Onsite is the SUSE Studio release intended for installation on a server machine behind the firewall. The publicly hosted version is available at

SUSE Studio Onsite Documentation
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SUSE Studio Onsite Deployment And Administration Guide                01/12/2016
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SUSE Studio is a collection of tools allowing partners and enterprise customers to easily build, configure and update software appliances. SUSE Studio is available in two editions, SUSE Studio Standard Edition and SUSE Studio Advanced Edition.

The Component Overview gives an outline how to set up the individual SUSE Studio components (SUSE Studio Onsite, SUSE Lifecycle Management Server, and Web-YaST) in conjunction. It also shows how to integrate further products such as Subscription Management Tool.

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Component Overview      07/06/2011
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SUSE Studio 1.2 07/06/2011
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SUSE Studio 1.1 09/29/2010
- Onsite Quick Start
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SUSE Studio Onsite 1.0 Deployment And Administration Guide 11/30/2009