1.0 YaST Online Update

Novell offers a continuous stream of software security updates for your product. By default, the update applet is used to keep your system up-to-date. Refer to Section 9.4, Keeping the System Up-to-date, (↑Deployment Guide) for further information on the update applet. This chapter covers the alternative tool for updating software packages: YaST Online Update.

The current patches for SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server are available from an update software repository. If you have registered your product during the installation, an update repository is already configured. If you have not registered SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, you can do so by running Software > Online Update Configuration in YaST and start Advanced > Register for Support and Get Update Repository. Alternatively, you can manually add an update repository from a source you trust. To add or remove repositories, start the Repository Manager with Software > Software Repositories in YaST. Learn more about the Repository Manager in Section 9.3, Managing Software Repositories and Services, (↑Deployment Guide).

NOTE: Error on Accessing the Update Catalog

If you are not able to access the update catalog, this might be due to an expired subscription. Normally, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server comes with a one-year or three-year subscription, during which you have access to the update catalog. This access will be denied once the subscription ends.

In case of an access denial to the update catalog you will see a warning message with a recommendation to visit the Novell Customer Center and check your subscription. The Novell Customer Center is available at http://www.novell.com/center/.

Novell provides updates with different relevance levels:

Security Updates

Fix severe security hazards and should definitely be installed.

Recommended Updates

Fix issues that could compromise your computer.

Optional Updates

Fix non-security relevant issues or provide enhancements.