4.1 Graphical HA Management Client

When starting the Heartbeat GUI, you need to connect to a cluster.

NOTE: Password for the hacluster User

The Heartbeat installation creates a linux user named hacluster. Prior to using the HA Management Client, you must set the password for the hacluster user. To do this, enter passwd hacluster at the command line and enter a password for the hacluster user.

Do this on every node where you will run the HA Management Client utility.

To start the HA Management Client, enter hb_gui at the command line of a Linux server or workstation. Log in to the cluster by selecting Connection > Login. You are prompted for a username and password.

If you are running the HA Management Client on a Heartbeat cluster server, the server and username fields should already be filled in. If not, specify the server IP address of a cluster server and hacluster as the username.

After being connected, your main window shows the cluster components, resources and constraints:

Depending on which entry you select in the left pane, several tabs appear in the right pane of the main window. For example, if you select the topmost entry, linux-ha, you can access three tabs on the right in the main window, allowing you to view general Information on the cluster or to change certain options and aspects on the Configurations and Advanced tabs.

In the following, find some examples how to create and manage cluster resources with the HA Management Client.