crm_failcount (8)


crm_failcount - manipulate the failcount attribute on a given resource


crm_failcount [-?|-V] -D -u|-U node -r resource
crm_failcount [-?|-V] -G -u|-U node -r resource
crm_failcount [-?|-V] -v string -u|-U node -r resource


Heartbeat implements a sophisticated method to compute and force failover of a resource to another node in case that resource tends to fail on the current node. A resource carries a resource_stickiness attribute to determine how much it prefers to run on a certain node. It also carries a resource_failure_stickiness that determines the threshold at which the resource should failover to another node.

The failcount attribute is added to the resource and increased on resource monitoring failure. The value of failcount multiplied by the value of resource_failure_stickiness determines the failover score of this resource. If this number exceeds the preference set for this resource, the resource is moved to another node and not run again on the original node until the failure count is reset.

The crm_failcount command queries the number of failures per resource on a given node. This tool can also be used to reset the failcount, allowing the resource to run again on nodes where it had failed too often.


--help, -?

Print a help message.

--verbose, -V

Turn on debug information.

NOTE:Increase the level of verbosity by providing additional instances.

--quiet, -Q

When doing an attribute query using -G, print just the value to stdout. Use this option with -G.

--get-value, -G

Retrieve rather than set the preference.

--delete-attr, -D

Specify the attribute to delete.

--attr-id string, -i string

For advanced users only. Identifies the id attribute.

--attr-value string, -v string

Specify the value to use. This option is ignored when used with -G.

--node-uuid node_uuid, -u node_uuid

Specify the UUID of the node to change.

--node-uname node_uname, -U node_uname

Specify the uname of the node to change.

--resource-id resource name, -r resource name

Specify the name of the resource on which to operate.

--inhibit-policy-engine, -!

For advanced users only.


Reset the failcount for the resource myrsc on the node node1:
crm_failcount -D -U node1 -r my_rsc
Query the current failcount for the resource myrsc on the node node1:
crm_failcount -G -U node1 -r my_rsc


/var/lib/heartbeat/crm/cib.xml—the CIB (minus status section) on disk. Editing this file directly is strongly discouraged.

See Also

Change the value of the location attribute in the nodes section for the myhost host:, --sync-call, -s, and the Linux High Availability FAQ Web site


crm_failcount was written by Andrew Beekhof.