9.0 Setting Up a POSBranch Server

For stores where the Branch Server is only running the SUSEĀ® Linux Enterprise Point of Service infrastructure (that is, the Branch Server is running no additional applications), the Branch Server can be deployed as a control terminal running on Point of Service hardware.

In the NLPOS9, a specialized POSBranch image was needed to setup a POSBranch server. There is no need for such a specialized POSBranch image now. Branch server on POS hardware can be installed as a standard Branch Server, by installing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service 10 add-on directly on a POS Machine. You can install any additional packages you may need to run applications on the POSBranch server (like Java or FireFox) via the YaST Software Manager. For more information about setting up a Branch Server see Section 7.0, Setting Up a Branch Server

WARNING: Securing a POSBranch Server

Because the POSBranch server contains sensitive information, it should be secured. We recommend that you close unused ports and allow only the root user to have access to the server console. For more information on securing your SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service setup, refer to Section 4.0, Securing Your Setup.