5.2 Configuring Global Cluster Options

Global cluster options control how the cluster behaves when confronted with certain situations. They are grouped into sets and can be viewed and modified with cluster management tools like Pacemaker GUI, Hawk, and crm shell. The predefined values can be kept in most cases. However, to make key functions of your cluster work correctly, you need to adjust the following parameters after basic cluster setup:

Modifying Global Cluster Options

  1. Start a Web browser and log in to the cluster as described in Section 5.1.1, Starting Hawk and Logging In.

  2. In the left navigation bar, select Cluster Properties to view the global cluster options and their current values. Hawk displays the most important parameters with regard to CRM Configuration, Resource Defaults, and Operation Defaults.

    Figure 5-3 Hawk—Cluster Configuration

  3. Depending on your cluster requirements, adjust the CRM Configuration:

    1. Set no-quorum-policy to the appropriate value.

    2. If you need to disable fencing for any reasons, deselect stonith-enabled.

      IMPORTANT: No Support Without STONITH

      A cluster without STONITH is not supported.

    3. To remove a property from the CRM configuration, click the minus icon next to the property. If a property is deleted, the cluster will behave as if that property had the default value. For details of the default values, refer to Section 4.2.6, Resource Options (Meta Attributes).

    4. To add a new property for the CRM configuration, choose one from the drop-down box and click the plus icon.

  4. If you need to change Resource Defaults or Operation Defaults, proceed as follows:

    1. To change the value of defaults that are already displayed, edit the value in the respective input field.

    2. To add a new resource default or operation default, choose one from the empty drop-down list, click the plus icon and enter a value. If there are default values defined, Hawk proposes them automatically.

    3. To remove a resource or operation default, click the minus icon next to the parameter. If no values are specified for Resource Defaults and Operation Defaults, the cluster uses the default values that are documented in Section 4.2.6, Resource Options (Meta Attributes) and Section 4.2.8, Resource Operations.

  5. Confirm your changes.