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DockerCon 2016: Where Docker-Native Orchestration Grows Up


[We just came back from DockerCon 2016, the biggest and most exciting
DockerCon yet. Rancher had a large and well-trafficked presence there –
our developers even skipped attending breakout sessions in favor
of staffing the booth, just to talk with all the people who were
interested in Rancher. In only two days, over a thousand people stopped
by to talk to us!] Rancher Labs at

[Docker-Native Orchestration]

[Without a doubt, the biggest news out of DockerCon this year is the new
built-in container orchestration capabilities in the upcoming Docker
1.12 release. With this capability, developers can now create a Swarm
cluster with a simple command and will be able to deploy, manage, and
scale services from application templates. ]
Docker Swarm

Docker 1.12 Built-in Container Orchestration (Source: Docker

[Multi-Framework Support]

[At Rancher Labs, we are committed to supporting multiple container
orchestration frameworks. Modern DevOps practices encourage individual
teams to have their choice of tools and frameworks, and as a result,
large enterprise organizations often find it necessary to support
multiple container orchestration engines. Goldman Sachs, for example,
][plans to use both Swarm and Kubernetes in
their quest to migrate 90% of computing to
[Rancher is the only container management platform on the market today
capable of supporting all leading container orchestration frameworks:
Swarm, Kubernetes, and Mesos. ]
Orchestration frameworks in
[With the new built-in orchestration support coming in Docker 1.12,
Swarm will continue to be an attractive choice for DevOps

[Docker-Native Orchestration Support Coming Soon in Rancher]

[We are very excited about the latest Docker-native container
orchestration capabilities built into Docker 1.12 and the engineering
team has already begun work to integrate these capabilities into
Rancher. We expect a preview version of this integration in early July
and can’t wait to show you what we’re doing to bring these amazing new
capabilities to Rancher users. Stay tuned!]

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