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Epinio End of Year Wrap


This 2022 was an incredible year for Epinio, SUSE’s application development engine for Kubernetes, enabling developers to go from Code to URL in one push. 

We removed many dependencies in the first few months, increasing the deployment speed and shortening the development feedback loop. We standardized the installation process with Helm, dropping the original installer. We added many new features, such as Services, allowing developers to provision custom resources autonomously. 

We felt confident enough to cut the first stable version in the middle of the year. It was released in June. 

Eager to get feedback from our users we did our first Global Meetup in September. We continued working on the product, for example, adding the ability to customize the application deployment chart and integrating Dex into Epinio. 

While all this was originally only accessible with the command line client, we added an incredibly appealing and user-friendly UI during the year, covering most of the available features. Furthermore, a new searchable documentation site was released for all the major versions. 

Many different integrations were added. Epinio is now available in the Rancher Marketplace, as a Docker Desktop Extension, and in the CIVO Marketplace. All these different places make it easy to try with a one-click installation. 

This was a year with plenty of innovations, and we are not planning on slowing down for the next one. We will work on observability and security, refining the current authorization setup, adding auditing, and so on. We are also planning to strengthen our current integrations and probably expand further. 

Stay tuned!