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From the DockerCon Hackathon – Introducing SherDock: Docker Image Management Simplified


SherDock-LogoThis year we sponsored the
DockerConHackathon, and had an
amazing 24 hours working with people hacking on Docker, Rancher,
RancherOS and more. Two of our team, Darren
and Alena
were judges, so we didn’t
think it would be fair to enter the contest. That said, we wanted to be
involved in the hacking anyway so we built a little tool called
SherDock, a simple image
management tool for garbage collection, identifying orphaned volumes and
more. The idea was to help de-clutter your Docker environment, and at
the same time ensure images you do want are always available, with the
latest versions pulled if so desired. Specifically, SherDock runs on a
single Docker host and does the following: – Discovers images,
their sizes, and whether they are in use. – Shows volumes and reads on
disk meta data to determine orphaned volumes. – Graphs image layers
and relationships – Garbage collect unused images on a configurable
interval – Defines an exception list from garbage collection –
Automatically pulls and caches images on a timed interval to ensure
latest versions of a Rancher is available Everything is managed through
the SherDock web interface, which can be exposed when you deploy the
rancherio/sherdock container. You can see all the source code, and find
installation instructions for SherDock on
github. Special thanks to the
big help from Josh Curl and Ankush
who joined our team and were
incredibly helpful in building the garbage collection and backend
systems! Volume Management in SherDock: sherdock screenshot
Configuration Management
sherdock screenshot