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Announcing Rancher v0.2 Release


The Rancher team has been working hard to give users a first taste of
what storage management will look like in Rancher. In addition to
managing container networking across cloud providers, we are excited to
announce the following features in Rancher v0.2. First up, the team has
exposed the building blocks for storage management. Full support has
been added in the API and UI for viewing, creating, and connecting
storage volumes. When creating containers Rancher now supports familiar
Docker –v and
--volumes-from options.

                 [![mounts](]( mounts attached to a container.

add-containerAttach host volumes or volumes from another container.
volumesSee all volumes and associated metadata.

Next up, the UI allows you console access to your containers. Now you
can get access to your running containers, the same as if you had run
docker exec –it /bin/sh,
from the UI.

consoleConsole Running VI in a container.

Get Rancher on GitHub.

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