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What Comes After Kubernetes?


What Comes After Kubernetes?

You probably can’t believe I’m asking that question. It’s like showing up to a party and immediately asking about the afterparty. Is it really time to look for the exit?

No…but yes.

We used to deploy apps on systems in data centers. Then we moved the systems to the cloud. Then we moved the apps to containers. Then we wrapped it all in Kubernetes for orchestration, and here we are.

  • Have we arrived at PEAK IT?
  • Where do we go from here?

Each advance in technology unlocks doors we couldn’t reach before. As we move from room to room, we’re shifting gears, turning our momentum into energy to go faster and further.

Moving faster requires that we pay more attention to the road ahead, and it’s hard to do that while building the vehicle to take us there and building the road itself.

Whether you’re a business working on products for tomorrow’s world, or an individual who wants to know what skills will advance your career, you’re actually seeking leverage. Leverage gives you an edge over your competitors, and in today’s world, everyone is your competitor.

SUSECON Is Your Map to the Future

SUSECON, from May 18-20, 2021, is the first SUSE event that includes the people and products from Rancher. It packs the content of three events into a single digital platform with three worlds: LinuxWorld, KubeWorld and EdgeWorld.

Each world focuses on the solutions and strategies that its inhabitants care most about:

  • How does Kubernetes enable the next frontier of computing? (This information will shape your business decisions and career choices).
  • What are businesses doing to position themselves as trailblazers in the new frontier, and how can you follow in their footsteps?
  • What is adaptable Linux, and how can it drive digital transformation?

Within each world are keynotes delivered by SUSE leadership and customers from both SUSE and Rancher. Dozens of sessions range from introductory-level tutorials to advanced use cases for specific niche applications across Linux, Kubernetes, and Edge.

Every session was hand-picked to meet the needs of our diverse audience, from beginner to advanced, across topics that include:

  • AI/ML
  • Infrastructure and Operations
  • DevOps
  • Edge and IoT
  • Kubernetes
  • Linux
  • Open Source
  • Business Strategy
  • and more…

If you have questions, SUSECON is where you will find strategic answers.

Open Source Matters

Rancher and SUSE are both innovation leaders, and the combined company is a creative powerhouse. In just a few short months, developers have created solutions for real issues that everyone in the industry faces. These are core issues that slow developer and operations teams, and when solved, the entire organization will move faster.

  • How can I implement security policies in Kubernetes without increasing complexity or making my clusters harder to manage?
  • What can I do to protect myself from a supply chain attack on an upstream container base image?
  • What are the new features in Rancher 2.6?
  • How can I deploy hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) without paying crippling license fees?
  • How can I use AI/ML to detect and respond to events before they become outages?
  • How can I help my developers build and deploy apps on Kubernetes without them having to learn everything about it?

At SUSECON, we’ll introduce you to projects that answer those questions, along with others that solve even more problems. These are all open source, built to help you succeed.

Open source is in our DNA. It’s the key to the democratization of opportunity, the single most effective solution to level the playing field and reward businesses for generating value. At SUSECON, you’ll learn just how important this is to us, with insights on:

  • Why is it important to be both open and interoperable?
  • What the word “open” means in “open source” (and how other companies use the term to trick you).
  • Why is Linux leadership essential to Kubernetes innovation?
  • How is freedom different from choice, and how does one complement the other?

SUSECON Is Your Event

SUSECON is a conference like none other you’ll attend this year. With actionable information in every session, you’ll leave the event with a plan for your future, and you’ll know the steps to take next on your journey.

I’m excited about it. When SUSE acquired Rancher, there were concerns that Rancher users would lose the freedoms they had. We promised you that wouldn’t happen, and SUSECON is our chance to show you the full power of the combined organization. Not only is Rancher still free and open source, but there is also a non-stop torrent of open source software that we’re adding to the portfolio. Any of those projects could change your world as much as Rancher, K3s, RKE and Longhorn did.

Head over to the event site to browse sessions and sign up for free.

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