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Scanning Secrets in Environment Variables with Kubewarden


We are thrilled to announce you can now scan your environment variables for secrets with the new env-variable-secrets-scanner-policy in Kubewarden! This policy rejects a Pod or workload resources such as Deployments, ReplicaSets, DaemonSets , ReplicationControllers, Jobs, CronJobs etc. if a secret is found in the environment variable within a container, init container or ephemeral container. Secrets that are leaked in plain text or base64 encoded variables are detected. Kubewarden is a policy engine for Kubernetes. Its mission is to simplify the adoption of policy-as-code.

This policy uses rusty hog, an open source secret scanner from New Relic. The policy looks for the following secrets being leaked: RSA private keys, SSH private keys and API tokens for different services like Slack, Facebook tokens, AWS, Google, New Relic Keys, etc

This is a perfect example of the real power of Kubewarden and WebAssembly! We didn’t have to write all the complex code and regular expressions for scanning secrets. Instead, we used an existing open source library that already does this job. We can do this because Kubewarden policies are delivered as WebAssembly binaries.

Have an idea for a new Kubewarden policy? You don’t need to write all the code from scratch! You can use your favorite libraries in any of the supported programming languages, as long as they can be compiled to WebAssembly.

Let’s see it in action!

For this example, a Kubernetes cluster with Kubewarden already installed is required. The installation process is described in the quick start guide.

Let’s create a ClusterAdmissionPolicy that will scan all pods for secrets in their environment variables:

kubectl apply -f - <<EOF
kind: ClusterAdmissionPolicy
  name: env-variable-secrets
  mutating: false
  - apiGroups: [""]
    apiVersions: ["v1"]
    resources: ["pods", "deployments", "replicasets", "daemonsets", "replicationcontrollers", "jobs", "cronjobs"]
    - CREATE
    - UPDATE

Verify we are not allowed to create a Pod with an RSA private key

kubectl apply -f - <<EOF                                                                  
apiVersion: v1     
kind: Pod
  name: secret
    - name: nginx
      image: nginx:latest
        - name: rsa
          value: "-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----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\nTLzJZaNLjNmAfUu5azZTJ2LG9HR0B7jUyQm4aJ68hA==\n-----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----"

This will produce the following output:

Error from server: error when creating "STDIN": admission webhook "clusterwide-env-variable-secrets.kubewarden.admission" denied
the request: The following secrets were found in environment variables -> container: nginx, key: rsa, reason: RSA private key. 

Check it out and let us know if you have any questions! Stay tuned for more blogs on new Kubewarden policies!

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