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Press Release: Rancher Labs Partners with Docker to Embed Docker Enterprise Edition into Rancher Platform


Docker Enterprise Edition technology and support now available from Rancher Labs

Cupertino, Calif. – April 18, 2017 – Rancher
, a provider of container management
software, today announced it has partnered with
Docker to integrate Docker Enterprise Edition
(Docker EE) Basic into its Rancher container management platform. Users
will be able to access the usability, security and portability benefits
of Docker EE through the easy to use Rancher interface. Docker provides
a powerful combination of runtime with integrated orchestration,
security and networking capabilities. Rancher provides users with easy
access to these Docker EE capabilities, as well as the Rancher
platform’s rich set of infrastructure services and other container
orchestration tools. Users will now be able to purchase support for both
Docker Enterprise Edition and the Rancher container management platform
directly from Rancher Labs. “Since we started Rancher Labs, we have
strived to provide users with a native Docker experience,” said Sheng
Liang, co-founder and CEO, Rancher Labs. “As a result of this
partnership, the native Docker experience in the Rancher platform
expands to include Docker’s enterprise-grade security, management and
orchestration capabilities, all of which is fully supported by Rancher
Labs.” Rancher is a comprehensive container management platform that, in
conjunction with Docker EE, helps to further reduce the barriers to
adopting containers. Users no longer need to develop the technical
skills required to integrate a complex set of open source technologies.
Infrastructure services and drivers, such as networking, storage and
load balancers, are easily configured for each Docker EE environment.
The robust Rancher application catalog makes it simple to package
configuration files as templates and share them across the organization.
The partnership enables Rancher customers to obtain official support
from Rancher Labs for Docker Enterprise Edition. Docker EE is a fully
integrated container platform that includes built in orchestration
(swarm mode), security, networking, application composition, and many
other aspects of the container lifecycle. Rancher users will now be able
to easily deploy Docker Enterprise Edition clusters and take advantage
of features such as:

  • Certified infrastructure, which provides an integrated
    environment for enterprise Linux (CentOS, Oracle Linux, RHEL, SLES,
    Ubuntu) Windows Server 2016, and Cloud providers like AWS and Azure.
  • Certified containers that provide trusted ISV products packaged
    and distributed as Docker containers – built with secure best
    practices cooperative support.
  • Certified networking and volume plugins, making it easy to
    download and install containers to the Docker EE environment.

“The release of Docker Enterprise Edition last month was a huge
milestone for us due to its integrated, and broad support for both Linux
and Windows operating systems, as well as for cloud providers, including
AWS and Azure,” said Nick Stinemates, VP Business Development &
Technical Alliances, Docker. “We are committed to offering our users
choice, so it was natural to partner with Rancher Labs to embed Docker
Enterprise Edition into the Rancher platform. Users will now have the
ability to run Docker Enterprise Edition on any cloud from the easy to
use Rancher interface, while also benefitting from a Docker solution
that provides a simplified yet rich user experience with its integrated
runtime, multi-tenant orchestration, security, and management
capabilities as well as access to an ecosystem of certified

Product Availability

Rancher with Docker EE Basic is available in the US and Europe
immediately, with more advanced editions and other territories planned
for future. For additional information on Rancher software and to learn
more about Rancher Labs, please visit or contact Supporting Resources

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About Rancher Labs Rancher Labs builds
innovative, open source software for enterprises leveraging containers
to accelerate software development and improve IT operations. With
infrastructure services management and robust container orchestration,
as well as commercially-supported distributions of Kubernetes, Mesos and
Docker Enterprise Edition, the flagship
Rancher container management platform
allows users to easily manage all aspects of running containers in
production, on any infrastructure.
RancherOS is a simplified Linux
distribution built from containers for running containers. For
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