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Multiplatform Kubewarden


The Kubewarden team is glad to announce that in the spirit of helping Policy Authors and Cluster Administrators, the project is now officially multiplatform.

The list of supported platforms as of now are:

  • Policy Server, as a container image:
    • linux/amd64(with the musl libc)
    • linux/arm64 (with the musl libc)
  • kwctl, as a standalone binary:
    • darwin (x86_64)
    • linux (aarch64, with the musl libc)
    • linux (x86_64, with the musl libc)
    • windows (x86_64, with MSVC)

We have prioritized the usage of the same dependencies and toolchain on platforms where we were able to do so.

Looking for platform convergence

Initially, we were using glibc and openssl as dependencies in our project. However, these two libraries are somewhat special and sometimes problematic to converge into other platforms.

Here is a short summary of the lessons learned, sometimes the hard way, for both libraries.

The libc

In the early stages of development, the Kubewarden team decided to use the musl libc library. This allowed us to avoid potential difficulties with glibc down the road (i.e., Cross-compilation time or making a full static binary).

The team also thinks that producing a final static binary for all platforms is in our users’ own interests, especially for a CLI tool likekwctl, which interacts directly with our users’ environment.

The SSL stack

The second part of the puzzle is openssl. It’s also a complex piece of software.

As stated above, we are interested in cross compiling for multiple operating systems such as Windows and macOS (Darwin).

Luckily for us, a new TLS implementation has popped up in the Rust ecosystem: rustls. Thanks torustls, it’s now easier to produce a final binary of kwctl that will work on all major platforms. And all of that is from the same source code.


These decisions might seem very technical or bring less value than other features. But for the Kubewarden team, it’s important we provide a solution that is suitable for as many people as possible.

And at the same time, we are trying to keep the project as convergent as possible, by reducing the number of critical, high-complexity dependencies we use in our code base.

Note: kwctl is not building yet on Apple Silicon (macOS). We are following this closely and will release the new architecture as soon as it’s possible.

In the meantime, you’ll have to fall back to rosetta in this environment, so you can use the x86_64 version of kwctl.

Try Kubewarden in as many places as you want! We are eagerly looking for your feedback!

What’s next?

Watch our Global Online Meetup: Kubewarden (now on demand). Flavio Castelli from the Kubewarden team tells you more about Kubewarden, provides you with a live demo, and answers your questions. Register now.
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