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Multi-cloud Kubernetes era has arrived!


Today Google announced Anthos, a new cloud service with the ability to manage Kubernetes clusters across multiple cloud providers, including AWS and Azure.

This is super exciting news for Rancher. In Google Anthos, we see great alignment with Rancher’s vision. We believe Kubernetes will become the standardized infrastructure provided by all public and private clouds, and an enterprise Kubernetes platform must deliver multi-cluster, multi-cloud management.

Two years ago, we recognized the need for organizations to manage multiple Kubernetes clusters across different public clouds and private data centers. We built Rancher 2.0 to work with all Kubernetes clusters, including Google GKE, Amazon EKS, and Azure AKS. Tens of thousands of forward-thinking organizations have adopted Rancher 2.0 in the last 12 months.

Anthos and Rancher are alternative approaches to the same problem. Rancher is open source software, Anthos is a cloud service. The Anthos announcement will accelerate Rancher adoption. Just as GKE helped to popularize Kubernetes technology, we believe Anthos will help bring multi-cluster, multi-cloud Kubernetes management to the mainstream.

Container and Kubernetes technologies are in early stages of adoption. We believe innovative products and services are key to achieving mass adoption. We love new services like Google Anthos and Google Cloud Run (also announced today). We are also proud of the innovative technologies the Rancher team has developed. Rancher 2.0 is the first multi-cluster, multi-cloud Kubernetes management platform. The pace of our innovation has not slowed. Our users and customers love our recently launched multi-cluster app support, lightweight k3s distro, and the multi-cluster networking framework Submariner. We are working on many more such ideas. Stay tuned!

We named our company Rancher because we envision a future where organizations can procure computing resources (“cattle”) from cloud providers of their choice and we wanted to develop a software platform to enable that experience. With the Anthos announcement the industry is another step closer to realizing that vision!

To find out more about how Rancher enables multi-cluster, multi-cloud Kubernetes and how Rancher integrates with cloud Kubernetes services like GKE, EKS, and AKS, please sign up for any of our free, weekly intro to Rancher weekly training sessions.

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