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Kubernetes Drives Growth and Innovation in Financial Services


“Everyone’s done the ‘hello world’ foray into containers, but when it actually comes to production and release, it’s a different beast. Rancher is a really nice solution that fills all the gaps that you discover when deploying containers to production.” – Alison Johnston, CTO, Cardano

Founded in 2000, the Cardano Group is a privately-owned, purpose-built risk and investment specialist — and a financial pioneer. It is widely recognized as a market leader in the provisioning of specialized services to private-sector and collective pension programs in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Cardano has recently become the third largest retail pension provider in the UK after its recent acquisition of NOW: Pensions.

Finding smart and innovative new ways of managing the company’s underlying technical infrastructure has always been front of mind for Cardano CTO Alison Johnston and Lead Architect Dave Sanftenberg. With the acquisition of NOW: Pensions complete, the team has undergone a period of transformation. Now, they are putting Kubernetes — and Rancher — at the heart of their innovation and growth strategy.

With plans to transform their architecture at speed and scale, and with an ongoing mission to maximize their customers’ investments, the team at Cardano is working with Rancher Labs to prime itself for success. Read our case study to find out how, working with Rancher, Cardano saves up to 30 development days per quarter and has reduced its manned support needs by 75 percent.

Looking at how to get the most out of your Kubernetes deployments? Download our White Paper, How to Build an Enterprise Kubernetes Strategy.

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