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Introducing the Rancher Partner Network


morning, we’re excited to launch the Rancher Partner
– a group of leading
focused on
building top-notch cloud and container solutions for their customers.
These are vendors with whom we collaborate, and whom we trust and
endorse to help enterprises bring containers into their development
workflows and production environments. The Rancher Partner Network
includes consulting partners, systems integrators, resellers, and
service providers from the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
Rancher Partner Network
members Rancher Partner Network
We created the Rancher Partner Network because
we’ve been blown away by demand for Rancher, and for container
management solutions in the market as a whole. Since Rancher was
released, there have been over ten million Rancher nodes launched, and
over a million rancher/server pulls on Docker
. Meanwhile, interest in
containers continues to grow, but we’ve noticed a increasing interest
in container management solutions this year as more companies start
using them in production. Rancher and our partners are here to fill in
the gaps, and to ensure that our users can recognize the full benefits
of containers. We’re thrilled to help our customers build competitive
solutions, whether it’s containerizing applications and services or
building a fully-fledged private container service. We look forward to
working with our partners to build and learn from our community, and
can’t wait to hear more from you! [For more