Cloud Foundry

SUSE Cloud Application Platform is a certified distribution of the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime, a turnkey application platform for delivering applications at cloud scale and speed. Cloud Foundry is a defining component of SUSE Cloud Application Platform. Integrating Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes technologies to unleash new synergies, SUSE Cloud Application Platform enables enterprise development, IT operations, and DevOps teams to accelerate application delivery transformation and increase business agility.

Up Your Game with Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry

Most enterprises today are taking advantage of containers to simplify application delivery and to reduce cycle times. Many are beginning to work with container orchestration platforms, like Kubernetes, to automate deployment, operation, and ongoing management of containers. While gains have been tremendous to date, the path forward is unclear for many, as enterprises are learning the hard way that processes, architectures, and organizations must all evolve along with enabling technologies in order to achieve significant transformation goals.

Cloud Foundry helps enterprises through a critical growth phase, providing a systematic approach to application delivery that enables them to move beyond ad-hoc use of container technologies and on to factory-scale production of modern, container-based applications. Cloud Foundry automates low-value tasks while applying best practice design patterns and implementation processes across the application lifecycle. Developer productivity and application quality can be dramatically improved. Cloud Foundry enables these patterns and processes to be shared broadly across many teams and organizations, providing consistency and driving efficiencies that open the door to large-scale production. Ultimately, enterprises that step up to Cloud Foundry deliver more applications, faster, and with control.

But What Exactly Does Cloud Foundry Do?

Streamlining and automating application lifecycle management, Cloud Foundry takes your raw application code and, with a single cf push command, turns it into a containerized, deployed, and automatically managed application.

Lifecycle Management
  • Abstracts Away Container-Level Details: With Cloud Foundry, there is no need to build and maintain container images. Sure, you can build, distribute, and manage container images yourself if you want to, but you’ll save time by letting Cloud Foundry do it for you. Cloud Foundry automatically identifies and pulls in the language libraries and other dependencies your application requires, adds your application code, and deploys the fully assembled and configured application into a production-grade, SUSE Linux Enterprise container.
Identify Pull Dependencies
  • Separate Concerns: Using a structured approach that separates code, language, and operating system level concerns, Cloud Foundry makes it easy to maintain application containers over time. Let your developers focus on maintaining application code, while the ops team takes care of operating system updates and keeping language libraries current. Changes to any of these areas can be implemented independently, and are propagated automatically across other containers that share the same dependencies, adding up to more time savings with every update you make.
  • Builds Containers Just-in-Time: Cloud Foundry combines the container build and run actions into a single deployment step, and does not depend on pre-defined container images, which can get out of date if not carefully managed. With Cloud Foundry your containers are automatically kept current and you will not accumulate stale images.
  • Brokers Third-Party Service Connectivity: Connecting your applications to third-party services is easy using built-in service brokers, and flexible with support for custom brokers that you may wish to add. Service brokers provide you with easy access to data and application services, enabling you to create and bind services to your applications with a simple command. Cloud Foundry creates instances of the services your code needs, sets up network connections from your containers, and provides credentials to your application.
  • Automates Application Lifecycle Management: Cloud Foundry also automates operation management across your application’s complete lifecycle. It automatically places your application containers onto appropriate resources, manages their network connectivity and routing needs, handles load balancing and scaling, provides built-in health monitoring and logging, supports rolling application updates, and more—all triggered by your simple cf push command!

Cloud Foundry also provides the vital controls you need to secure access to the platform, including applications and services hosted on it. Designed for enterprise use, Cloud Foundry can be integrated with your identity management system and configured to manage users and organizations with fine-grained, role-based access control.

The SUSE Difference: Bringing Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes Together for the Enterprise


Runs in


Runs on


100% Open
Source Software


Built on Proven,
Enterprise-Grade Linux

Featuring the only Cloud Foundry Application Runtime that runs in Kubernetes, SUSE Cloud Application Platform brings the advanced productivity of the SUSE Cloud Application Platform model to a modern container infrastructure that is rapidly becoming the de facto standard. A certified Cloud Foundry software offering, it is backed by SUSE enterprise support and is the only distribution that is delivered as 100% open source software, making it a pragmatic solution for organizations pursuing an engineering-led approach to production-grade application delivery transformation.

Unlike other Cloud Foundry distributions, SUSE Cloud Application Platform runs in containers rather than virtual machines, making it leaner, and faster to recover and scale. It runs on Kubernetes, opening a direct path to powerful Cloud Foundry automation capabilities for Kubernetes users. And, as the only Cloud Foundry distribution built on proven, enterprise-grade Linux, SUSE Cloud Application Platform is uniquely qualified to satisfy the production demands of today’s enterprise.

Avoid Vendor Lock-in with a Certified Cloud Foundry Distribution

Cloud Foundry Certified 2018

SUSE Cloud Application Platform has been certified by the Cloud Foundry Foundation as a compliant Cloud Foundry Application Runtime distribution. Certification ensures API and functional consistency across Cloud Foundry distributions, which means the applications you build to run on SUSE Cloud Application Platform will also work on any other certified distribution, and vice-versa.

You have nothing to lose, and advanced productivity to gain. Give SUSE Cloud Application Platform, featuring Cloud Foundry, a try!