Be inspired by industry thought leaders as the SUSECON Keynotes help you reimagine the possible, innovate without limits and secure your future.



SUSECON Digital 2024 keynotes will be headlined by our executive team delivering inspiring messages and laying out our company direction for the future. In addition, the General Managers of our Business-critical Linux, Enterprise Container Management and Edge Solutions will be joined by key customers and partners  to discuss how SUSE helps empower you with knowledge of current technologies and upcoming innovations.

Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen Chief Executive Officer

Consolidation vs open: why choice happens with SUSE

DP reflects on a successful first year at SUSE, in which it has acted to bring choice back to open source enterprise software with OpenELA and Liberty Linux. He'll also outline how SUSE's approach to AI will also safeguard the open source principle of freedom to choose.

Pilar Santamaria Vice President, Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI - All your company’s information at your fingertips

Join Pilar Santamaria as she shares the vision for SUSE’s approach to AI! Santamaria brings over 25 years of experience to SUSE in technology and go-to-market leadership, with expertise spanning AI, IoT, cybersecurity and cloud. Prior to SUSE, she was Head of EMEA Cloud Solutions at Google, where she introduced Vertex A.

Duncan Brown IDC Group, Vice President

Duncan Brown leads European research for the Software, Services, Cloud, Security, Sustainability, Digital Business and IPDS areas, as well as the Channel Partner and Ecosystems research teams. He is also responsible for IDC’s European research into the Future of Work, Future Consumer, and Smart Office areas. Brown started his career in the banking sector and then focused on building extensive experience in various roles in analyst firms including Ovum, PAC, and IDC. Most recently he spent time as Chief Security Strategist on the vendor-side where he developed a strong profile in the industry and is a well-known analyst with IDC customers.

Erik Wahl Artist, creativity scientist and business strategist

The art of vision

Get inspired by Erik’s unique, engaging and revered style that creatively blends music, art and compelling insights. His truly unique method will help you transform ideas into creative action and become proactive with purpose.

Thomas Di Giacomo Chief Technology & Product Officer

Unleash Innovation, Protected from Risk

Your vision. Your choice. SUSE products and solutions empower you to innovate and transform, merging the best of open source with enterprise resiliency and security. Please join SUSE Chief Technology & Product Officer, Dr. Thomas DiGiacomo, and his special guests, to learn more about how the unified SUSE platform is the best choice to help you modernize, embrace AI, and seamlessly interoperate your business critical workloads across your distributed enterprise, hybrid cloud, and edge environments.

Peter Smails General Manager, Enterprise Container Management

SUSE – Your trusted partner in cloud native transformation

Join Peter Smails for a must-see keynote on the latest SUSE cloud-native Kubernetes infrastructure, management, security, and virtualization technologies. Learn how our latest innovations empower enterprises to simplify their complex IT environments, leverage artificial intelligence effectively, and seamlessly transition to a cloud-native future.

Keith Basil General Manager, Edge Solutions

The SUSE Edge journey continues

Join Keith Basil to discover Edge Computing is transforming industries across Telco, Retail, Manufacturing, and Healthcare, and what makes SUSE Edge and SUSE Adaptive Telco Infrastructure Platform the choice for customers seeking to modernize their OT and telco network environments, and apply cloud-native and AI innovations to improve their business and IT operations.

Rick Spencer General Manager, Business-Critical Linux

Empowering business innovation: Unveiling the future of enterprise linux with SUSE

Join Rick Spencer in celebrating the new SUSE Linux product announcements, including the availability of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP6 and SUSE Manager 5.0, among others. Learn more about the future of open Enterprise Linux and what makes SUSE Linux the choice for organizations seeking agility, reliability, and choice in their IT infrastructure.

The excitement starts June 17, as SUSE's CEO takes center stage to welcome attendees to SUSECON.