Key Features

One-step application deployment allows developers to simply push applications from their desktop using the CLI or web UI. SUSE Cloud Application Platform automatically configures the environment, provides required dependencies, binds required services, and deploys the application as a container, which is then automatically managed and scaled.

Lean and fast, SUSE Cloud Application Platform increases efficiency by running in lightweight containers, not resource-hungry virtual machines. It consumes a fraction of the memory footprint of other distributions, while being faster to recover and scale.

Fault tolerant and self-healing, with high availability for critical components, SUSE Cloud Application platform monitors the health of all containers, and automatically restarts failed ones.

Open source buildpacks allow developers the flexibility to work with the best choice of language and framework for any task.

Enterprise ready, 100% open source technology, including SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, and Stratos UI protects your investment and lowers your risk.

Tech Specs


SUSE Cloud Application Platform is deployed as containers in a supported Kubernetes cluster. When deploying it in SUSE CaaS Platform, it inherits these requirements.

  • Minimum four nodes for a compact test cluster
  • Minimum seven nodes for production deployment
  • Internet connection for downloads during installation
  • 8GB of memory per SUSE CaaS Platform dashboard and Kubernetes master nodes
  • 16GB of memory per Kubernetes worker
  • 40GB disk space per SUSE CaaS Platform dashboard and Kubernetes master nodes
  • 60GB disk space per Kubernetes worker.


  • SUSE CaaS Platform (included)
  • Amazon EKS
  • Azure AKS
  • Running SUSE Cloud Application Platform on Amazon EKS or Azure AKS is supported under the “Bring Your Own Subscription” model. SUSE supports only the SUSE Cloud Application Platform software; not the underlying cloud infrastructure.

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