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SUSE Launches Dedicated Rancher Prime Knowledgebase in its Growing Customer Loyalty Program


Today I am delighted to launch the latest update to the SUSE Collective: a dedicated Rancher Prime Knowledgebase. All current and future Rancher Prime customers will receive an invitation to sign up for the free program, where they can access the exclusive content and engage with all the elements of the Collective.

“SUSE Collective has become the go-to place for our customers to learn more about SUSE, share their feedback and earn rewards for their ongoing loyalty. I’m delighted that we’re able to launch a curated, contextual knowledgebase for our Rancher Prime customers, giving them access to relevant content to support their cloud native journey with SUSE,” says Utsav Sanghani, Director of Product, Enterprise Container Management.

The knowledgebase will include a range of content. These strategic pieces have been curated from our wealth of expertise and are designed to help customers accelerate their time-to-market across their product environments.

This exclusive content will be updated regularly and will include:

-Guides, including onboarding and operating at scale.

-Cloud native security and policy management protocols.

-Latest enterprise container management roadmap.

-Rancher Prime Reference Architecture and Kubernetes 101 documents.

The SUSE Collective is a customer loyalty program launched in late 2021 to celebrate and show appreciation to SUSE’s customers. It also provides valuable insights and information to support customers on their journey.

The program is open to all SUSE customers, including those who are not yet using Rancher Prime. If you’re interested in joining this thriving community, simply complete this form and we’ll take care of the rest.

Rancher Prime Knowledgebase

The gamified platform is designed to enable customers to:

-Connect and network with their peers.

-Engage with the right people and resources to accelerate their success.

-Help shape the future of SUSE with feedback and ideas.

-Gain access to exclusive opportunities and rewards.

The program is full of useful information, including:

-Latest exclusive blogs from SUSE technical experts.

-Premium whitepaper downloads.

-Information and registration links for upcoming webinars.

-Industry news.

-Product roadmaps and latest technical updates.

-Opportunities to provide feedback through surveys.

We reward members for completing activities, including writing peer reviews, acting as a reference, providing testimonials and more. Rewards are given in the form of points that members can use to redeem SUSE swag, gift cards, discounts on training and charitable donations. Here’s what they are saying about SUSE Collective:

“Thoughtful discussions, guided activities, rewards for engagement, direct access to industry experts – it’s a no-brainer!” SUSE Collective Member

“All you need in one spot that rewards you the more you learn and interact!”SUSE Collective Member

Don’t miss out! Join today!

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