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Rancher v1.3: Experimental Windows Containers Support


Windows support in Rancher 1.3 is
this week, we released [Rancher
It includes several new features: user interface fixes, changes to our
DNS engines, and improvements when using Kubernetes and associated
tooling. However, Rancher 1.3 also begins addressing a frequent request
we receive from users: Windows 2016 support. Windows support in Rancher
1.3 is purely experimental and limited in scope (you can [read more in
but it’s an important step towards serving the needs of our customers
as containers become more widely adopted in enterprises. A huge portion
of the world’s workloads run on Windows server and client systems, and
will continue to do so for the foreseeable future; our goal at Rancher
Labs is to make applications truly portable across clouds and
infrastructure, and enabling workloads with Windows containers is a key
part of that vision. In the meantime, we look forward to getting your
feedback on these early efforts. While the most engaged members of our
community have already taken a look at our preliminary Windows support
through our prior release candidate, we know Rancher only gets better
through wider feedback from our users. Let us know how we’re doing, on
Twitter [@Rancher_Labs],
through the
[forums], or at
one of our upcoming meetups:

SF Bay Area Rancher User Meetup:

Thursday, January 12, 6 PM local
time in San Francisco RSVP here

Rancher Online Meetup:

Wednesday, January 25, 1 PM US Eastern Time
RSVP here

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