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Rancher Desktop Triumvirate    

When you want to start a K3s one-node cluster on Windows or macOS, then Rancher Desktop is today’s best solution.

Still, what about Linux Desktop users? We can always follow the straightforward K3s deployment script, but what about the tooling like the new star nerdctl?

Yes, everything can be set up, but why do Windows and macOS always have a nice bundle and Linux Desktop users do not?

If you can relate to this small intro, then SUSE Rancher heard you, since Rancher Desktop version 0.6.x, Linux Desktop is treated equally.

Meet Rancher Desktop on Linux

Both rpm and deb packages can download and install on your Linux Desktop. Please pick the package depending on your distribution.

And as a demo, here is a video showing the steps on OpenSUSE:

Final Thoughts

Now it’s your turn to install and play with it. And if you encounter any bugs or face any issues, as stated in the video, do not hesitate to fill an issue on GitHub and join the discussion on Slack or here on the community site.

I hope you have fun, and I’ll see you soon for more content!