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Rancher Desktop 1.4: Now With Credential Helpers and More


In addition to the usual updates to supporting utilities, Rancher Desktop 1.4 adds a couple of new useful features we think you’ll like.

Credential helpers

If you’re using the Docker CLI or nerdctl and you log into a container registry, those credentials need to be stored somewhere. Rancher Desktop 1.4 includes credential helpers. With credential helpers, the credentials you use for authenticating to registries are stored using system native stores. Specifically, on Windows wincred is used, on macOS osxkeychain is used, and on Linux pass is used. The erc-login helper is included but not configured automatically.

Image bulk deletion

Rancher Desktop Bulk Delete

Rancher Desktop includes the ability to work with container images. You can push them, you can pull them, you can scan them for vulnerabilities, and you can now bulk delete them. With the release of 1.4, bulk deletion is an option. This is useful for a variety of use cases such as easily cleaning out old image versions, deleting test builds, and more.

Next Steps

There are several next steps you can take:

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