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Press Release: Rancher Labs Adds Support for Mesos


Rancher is the industry’s only container management platform that
supports Mesos, Kubernetes and Docker Swarm
  Cupertino, Calif. –
June 1, 2016
Rancher Labs, a provider of
container management software, today announced support for Mesos, a
popular and well-established scheduler and cluster manager for massively
distributed applications. Rancher added support for Mesos based on user
and community interest, making Rancher the only container management
platform capable of supporting all popular container scheduling and
orchestration platforms including Mesos, Kubernetes and Docker Swarm.
Rancher is an open-source platform for deploying and managing
containers, across any public or private cloud, virtualization cluster
or bare-metal server. Rancher provides a single management experience
spanning Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and now Mesos. Rancher provides
visibility and management for teams throughout the CI/CD pipeline, from
development through production. Additionally, the open-source software
provides enterprise readiness via multi-tenancy, role-based access and
control, credential management, cross-cloud networking and persistent
storage. “The combination of the Apache Mesos scheduler and Rancher
container management platform is a big win for users,” said Josh
Bernstein, Vice President Technology, Emerging Technology Division, EMC
Corporation. “With the integration of these two open source projects,
organizations will be able to spin up Mesos clusters in minutes on any
infrastructure, and easily schedule and deploy workloads.” With this
latest update, Rancher now:

  • Automates the setup and upgrade of Mesos infrastructure
    including Zookeeper cluster, Mesos masters, Mesos slaves and Mesos
    Marathon. Mesos slaves will automatically be added when new hosts
    are added. When new versions of Rancher are deployed, existing Mesos
    clusters will be upgraded without impacting the running workload.

  • Automates the setup and upgrade of Mesos frameworks, an
    important benefit of running Mesos on Rancher. Many popular
    distributed applications are available as Mesos frameworks. Users
    can deploy Mesos frameworks such as Cronos, Aurora, Hadoop,
    Elasticsearch and Kafka from the Rancher catalog with a click of a
    button. Additionally, they can perform a fully automated upgrade of
    these frameworks as new versions become available.

  • Provides a powerful set of infrastructure and management services
    for Mesos.
    Rancher networking, storage and load balancing services
    work with applications running on Mesos. Rancher manages multiple
    Mesos cluster environments for multiple users and provides
    Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for large organizations.

“Modern DevOps practices encourage the use of a diverse set of tools and
frameworks based on team expertise and project needs,” said Sheng Liang,
co-founder and CEO of Rancher Labs. “By adding support for Mesos,
Rancher enables IT organizations to provide choice of orchestration and
scheduling frameworks when they deploy and manage containers in
production.” Product Information and Availability For additional
information on Rancher and to learn more about Rancher Labs and the
company’s suite of open source products, please visit Supporting Resources

About Rancher Labs Rancher Labs builds innovative, open-source
container management software for enterprises leveraging containers to
accelerate software development and improve IT operations. With native
support for Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, and Mesos, our flagship Rancher
platform allows users to manage all aspects of running containers in
development and production environments. For additional information,
please visit

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