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Path To Rancher Desktop 1.0.0


Rancher Desktop has been in development for just over a year with the open question: when do we have a 1.0.0 stable release? Along the way the scope has expanded, it was ported to run in more places and the development team has grown. All of this happened as we worked out if Rancher Desktop would be useful for people, what features people want to use and what are good ways to build it. We are finally ready to answer that 1.0.0 question.

Rancher Deskopt

The planned release of the 1.0.0 is on Wednesday, January 26, 2022, with a planned beta coming on Monday, January 17th.

One of the changes you will see with the 1.0.0 release is a change in development philosophy with more focus on stability. A 1.0.0 is a stable release and we plan to treat it that way. More details on how this will work are coming in follow-up communications and documentation.

If you have questions, ideas, or want to engage with the development team you can file an issue in the issue queue or reach out to the development team in Rancher Users Slack (the #rancher-desktop channel).

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