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Kubernetes Adoption Driving Rancher Labs Momentum


This week Rancher Labs announced a record 161% year-on-year revenue growth, along with a 52% increase in the number of customers in the first half of 2019. Other highlights from H1’19 included:

  • Closure of a $25M series C funding round
  • Doubling of international headcount as we continue our expansion into 12 countries
  • Software downloads surpassed 100 million making Rancher the industry’s most widely adopted Kubernetes software platform
  • General availability of Rancher 2.2
  • Continued investment in open source projects including Rio, Longhorn, k3s, and k3OS

You can find the complete release here.

We are grateful to our community of customers, partners, and users for the growth we achieved in the first half of 2019, and we will continue to gauge Rancher’s success in the larger context of enterprise adoption of Kubernetes. Rancher will continue to deliver value by enabling organizations to deploy and manage Kubernetes across their entire infrastructure.

Kubernetes Everywhere

Recent research reports that approximately 40% of enterprises are running Kubernetes in production today, but in less than three years that number will increase to more than 80%. What will drive that growth? Kubernetes helps organizations significantly increase the agility and efficiency of their software development teams, while also helping IT teams boost productivity, reduce costs and risks, and it moves organizations closer to achieving their hybrid-cloud goals.

As container usage becomes more widespread across an organization, balancing the needs of developers who want autonomy and agility with the needs of IT teams who want consistency and control can prove challenging. Whether your organization builds large clusters of infrastructure and then offers development teams shared access to them, or leaves individual departments or DevOps teams to decide for themselves how and where to use Kubernetes, it is not uncommon for tension to develop between those wanting to run Kubernetes in exactly the way they need it and IT teams that want to maintain security and control over how Kubernetes is implemented.

Rancher’s Role in Enabling Everywhere

Only Rancher is purpose-built to address the requirements of both developer teams and IT operations teams, thereby enabling organizations to deploy and manage Kubernetes at scale.

Here’s how:

  • Simplified Cluster Operations – In addition to offering two certified Kubernetes distros (RKE and k3s), Rancher enables enterprise customers to utilize any Kubernetes distribution or hosted Kubernetes service. Customers can use cloud-native Kubernetes services such as GKE, EKS, and AKS. By supporting any Kubernetes distribution or service, Rancher enables customers to implement Kubernetes in the most cost-effective way and operate Kubernetes clusters in the simplest way possible, while still leveraging the consistency of Kubernetes across all types of infrastructure.

  • Security & Policy Management – Rancher provides IT organizations with centralized management and control over all Kubernetes clusters, regardless of how they are implemented or operated. By managing security policies for all of your Kubernetes clusters in one place, Rancher minimizes human error and wasted energy. Rancher’s unified web UI replicates all functionality available within Kubernetes and includes tooling for Day Two operations. Full control via CLI and API is also available. Rancher is simple to install in any environment, integrates with user authentication platforms, and quickly starts to address many of the workflow challenges experienced by developer and operations teams who work with Kubernetes. A single Rancher installation can manage hundreds of Kubernetes clusters running on-premise or in any cloud. This provides technical teams with a seamless development experience and helps business leaders adopt a multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud strategy.

  • Shared Tools & Services – Rancher provides a rich set of shared tools and services on top of any Kubernetes cluster. Rancher ships with CI/CD, monitoring, alerting, logging, and all the tools needed to make your Kubernetes clusters immediately useful. Less time spent worrying about your infrastructure means more resources to invest in the accelerated delivery of innovative cloud-native applications.

So, while we are proud of our success in the first half of 2019, we are even more excited about the future! As Kubernetes continues to proliferate and grow in complexity, organizations will increasingly rely upon solutions like Rancher that enable them to run Kubernetes EVERYWHERE!

To learn more about Rancher, check us out at www.rancher.com.

For an introduction to Kubernetes, join an upcoming online training session.

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