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Driving Agility and Scale in Mobile Payments


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“As we grow, containers are the most sensible and coherent direction for us to take. Working with Rancher, we get the most out of Kubernetes while reducing our management burden.” – Philipp-Michael Radl, Senior Systems Engineer, DIMOCO

When is the last time you repaid a friend in cash for a shared expense? More likely, you used your phone and a handy app to pay your share. We’ve come to expect fast, secure and reliable technologies that let us make payments to anyone, anywhere from our mobile devices. So who is behind this technology?

DIMOCO Powers Two Million Mobile Transactions a Day

DIMOCO is a leader in international payment and messaging innovation. Based in Vienna, Austria, they provide services to global telecom carriers, card schemes, content publishers, large merchants and corporations. DIMOCO partners with 201 mobile network providers in 48 countries and performs two million mobile transactions every day.

Driving development agility at scale is the top priority for DIMOCO systems engineer Philipp-Michael Radl, who has transformed his central provisioning hub to better support his development team while simplifying management processes. With both international growth and security regulations in mind, the company has put Kubernetes and Rancher at the center of their strategy.

The company’s original development hub provided developers with VM-based programming environments for billing, payments and messaging running on a 100 percent on-premise estate. Yet as development teams and projects proliferated, they needed to hasten and improve the provisioning of development environments. They decided to transform the development hub and build the central architecture around Kubernetes. They knew the Kubernetes management platform they chose needed to scale rapidly, simplify cluster management, authenticate with Active Directory, integrate with VMs and offer the potential for cloud migration.

Rancher Reduces Deployment Time by 80 Percent

Rancher met all of DIMOCO’s requirements. In a month-long proof of concept, Rancher completely automated the provisioning process, integrated perfectly with existing infrastructure and needed very little human involvement.

Today Rancher is central to DIMOCO’s infrastructure transformation. They are running several core services in production on Rancher and continue to migrate their applications to the Rancher platform. With Rancher, DIMOCO has reduced deployment and management time by 80 percent and maintenance and update time by 75 percent. Read our case study to learn more about how DIMOCO relies on Rancher to support its growth trajectory and scale its infrastructure.

Read our free white paper: How to Build a Kubernetes Strategy

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