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Announcing Added Support for Leading Kubernetes Services in China


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Today we are proud to announce support for all leading Kubernetes services in China. Rancher now has added support for Huawei Cloud Container Engine (CCE), Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) and Tencent Kubernetes Engine (TKE).

Rancher continues to be the unequivocal choice for enterprises running containers and Kubernetes in production. As enterprises continue to adopt Kubernetes at a global level, it is vital that we continue to expand our support. We’re pleased to be the only Kubernetes management platform to support cloud-hosted Kubernetes clusters from all of the leading cloud providers.

Rancher is an open source Kubernetes management platform that allows organizations to deliver Kubernetes-as-a-Service to their employees and centrally manage all Kubernetes clusters, regardless of how the cluster was deployed, or where it is running. With Rancher 2.0, we introduced the first platform to manage hosted Kubernetes services from Google (GKE), Amazon (EKS) and Azure (AKS), enforcing consistent security policies, and providing an intuitive user experience across any cluster. Now with expanded support, organizations can accelerate the adoption of Kubernetes in China and deploy applications consistently anywhere in the world.

This latest product update includes:

  • Self-service provision of Kubernetes clusters in Huawei CCE, Alibaba ACK, and Tencent TKE. Users can create and upgrade CCE, ACK, and TKE clusters from Rancher UI and API.

  • Integrated cloud infrastructure management and cluster scaling. Users can configure CCE, ACK, and TKE clusters, including the number of nodes in the clusters, from Rancher UI and API.

  • Centralized user authentication across on-premise and CCE, ACK, and TKE clusters. Enterprise users can sign in to their CCE, ACK, and TKE clusters using their Active Directory and LDAP credentials.

  • Unified access control policy across all your Kubernetes clusters. Enterprise IT administrators can configure the enforce consistent access control policies across CCE, ACK, and TKE clusters.

The integration will be available in Rancher 2.2, scheduled to ship in early 2019.

Huawei Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud were excited to work with us to bring these new features to our users. “Huawei CCE is the first cloud managed Kubernetes service in China,” said Mr. Liao ZhenQin, Huawei Cloud BU PaaS product department general manager. “We welcome Rancher users to take advantage of the world-class Kubernetes support offered by Huawei cloud.”

“As the largest public cloud service provider in China, and one of the world’s top three IaaS providers, Alibaba Cloud is dedicated to empowering enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation with cloud native approach and open container technologies,” said Mr. YiLi, director of engineering for Alibaba Cloud Container Technologies. “We are delighted to support Rancher through Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes Service (ACK). Available in sixteen regions around the world, we strongly believe ACK will boost the cloud migration and multi-cloud management with Kubernetes.”

“Born out of the open source Kubernetes system, Tencent Kubernetes Engine (TKE) provides container-centric, highly scalable and high-performance container management services,” said Mr. Liang WenJie, Tencent Cloud PaaS product manager. “Rancher support for Tencent Kubernetes Engines is very helpful, Rancher users will now be able to leverage the richest set of features offered by TKE.”

With this announcement of expanded support in Rancher for cloud-hosted Kubernetes, we are continuing to make our vision of Kubernetes Everywhere a reality. The journey to build Rancher began with the insight that organizations would need a platform to manage resources and development across the hybrid cloud. We are more confident than ever that Kubernetes will become the foundational platform for enterprise applications, and Rancher will help make Kubernetes a reality in many organizations.

You can get started with Rancher in just a few minutes by following our quick start guide, or sign up for one of our free online training sessions.

Expert Training in Kubernetes and Rancher
Join our free online training sessions to learn more about Kubernetes, containers, and Rancher.

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