A major milestone for our team and the Rancher community


Users have submitted thousands of issues to help us
improve Rancher these last 18 months.

Users have submitted thousands of issues to help us improve Rancher these last 18 months. This morning, we announced that Rancher Labs has
raised $20 million in series B funding to
accelerate our growth in response to the incredible Rancher adoption
we’ve seen over the last year. It is an exciting day for our entire
team, as it validates so much hard work, and gives us an opportunity to
continue the work we are so passionate about. We’re thrilled to have
continued support from our existing investors, Mayfield Fund and Nexus
Ventures, as well as a new investor, GRC SinoGreen.

When we started working on Rancher in 2014, we talked to many friends
and former colleagues about our idea for a complete platform that would
make it possible to easily deploy applications on any computing
infrastructure. Those first conversations quickly turned into hundreds
of alpha users and eventually thousands of beta users. Throughout this
process, we have been lucky to receive thoughtful insights from so many
people. Sometimes it was a feature suggestion, other times it was a
complaint, but always it impacted our design and helped us build a
product thousands of teams are using to manage their containers. Thank
you all for your participation in this project! Without your ideas and
willingness to share we never would have made it this far.

Watch our March Online meetup, where we demonstrated Rancher

Watch our March Online meetup, where we demonstrated Rancher
1.0. With this new funding, we’ll be expanding our core
development team as you might imagine, but we will also be using it to
rapidly grow our field engineering team. Rancher Field Engineers are a
team of DevOps experts who live all over the world and help users
accelerate their use of containers. They work on integrating Rancher
with other tools, writing tutorials, designing features, supporting
community developers, speaking at meetups and troubleshooting issues on
the forums. If you love working with Rancher and are interested in
joining our team, we’d love to talk with you. Please visit our
careers page, and tell us how you use
Rancher, and why you would like to join our team. In the next few months
we’ll continue to rush forward with Rancher, always working to adjust
the project to meet new requirements as they arise. We’ll continue
expanding on our support of
Kubernetesand Docker
, and developing new infrastructure
capabilities that will make it even easier to deploy and manage
applications. Thank you to all of you who have deployed our software,
shared it with a friend, answered a question in the community or posted
an issue on GitHub. Without all of you, we never would have reached
this milestone. If you haven’t already, give Rancher a
try, and let us know how we can
make it better. Open source communities depend on the participation of
so many people, and we invite anyone interested to get involved and help
make this platform great! Join us for our next online meetup to learn
more about our Rancher community, and see how it can help your
team. Shannon Williams Co-Founder, Rancher

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