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eXtremeDB v.8.0

eXtremeDB is a small-footprint, in-memory and/or persistent database system designed explicitly for real-time applications and for embedded/IoT systems. eXtremeDB can be embedded, with your choice of SQL or native APIs for C, C++, C#, Java and Python.  Or eXtremeDB can be used in client/server mode, including support for horizontal scalability via sharding and a sophisticated distributed SQL query engine, and support for stored procedures in the LUA language. eXtremeDB High Availability, eXtremeDB Cluster and Active Data Replication for the IoT round out the product family. eXtremeDB is a trusted solution with more than 28 million systems deployed worldwide in consumer electronics, network and telecom equipment, industrial control, finance, aerospace & defense and other connected gear.
Explore the key eXtremeDB features that enable developers to create the most advanced software applications using McObject's real-time database technology.

The eXtremeDB™ In-Memory Database System embedded database is McObject's core product: an exceptionally fast database management system, designed for performance, with a strict memory-based architecture and direct data manipulation. (For a database that incorporates on-disk persistence, see McObject's eXtremeDB Fusion product.) Storing and manipulating data in exactly the form used by the application removes overheads associated with caching and translation. Typical read and write accesses are at the level of a few microseconds, or less. The engine is reentrant, allowing for multiple execution threads, with transactions supporting the ACID properties, assuring transaction and data integrity.
  • Category Data Access, Analysis, and Delivery Software, Structured Data Management Software
  • Industry Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
  • Compatibility
  • Platform SLES 15
  • Hardware Architecture x86-64, System z, Power, ARM
  • Extension
  • Platform SLES 12
  • Hardware Architecture x86, x86-64, System z, Power, ARM
  • Extension
  • Platform SLES 11
  • Hardware Architecture x86, x86-64
  • Extension Real Time