Achieving the Mission

Root out waste, drive operational efficiencies, and align organizational capabilities to better deploy resources to achieve mission delivery

The future of mission readiness starts today

Readiness can mean different things to different organizations, but every agency in every organization needs to know: “Are we ready?” Be “ready anywhere” with SUSE.

Many federal government organizations across the military and civilian public service are adopting digital modernization and digital transformation plans. Whether you are moving from legacy systems to modern platforms or implementing a holistic adoption of change across people, processes, and technology SUSE Federal Solutions stands ready to serve.

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Federal Investigations

Seamlessly turn data into situational intelligence as your agency takes action to deter, control, and prosecute national security threats.

Increase your ability to execute data-intensive workloads at speed with Power AI and Analytics.

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Public Health and Safety

Collaborate as your agency takes initiative to develop policy and assure access to environmental, educational, and personal health services for the American public.

Get from where you are to where you want to go with SUSE Federal.

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Border Security

Streamline multiple security operations, including search and rescue, illegal crossings, illicit goods, ports of entry, and high-profile events to safeguard America’s borders.

Boost mission delivery, improve operational efficiency and maintain always on continuity with SUSE Federal High-Availability Solutions.

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National Defense

Equip your base defense operation centers and command posts with a proven hybrid cloud solution to produce “ready anywhere” security, agility and dependability.

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Reimagine America's transportation system while ensuring our Nation has the safest, most efficient and modern transportation system in the world.

Get from where you are to where you want to go with SUSE Federal.

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Financial Protection

Efficiently share information and resources across federal financial, justice and regulatory agencies to increase enforcement efficiency and investigation strategies.

Run SAP solutions with reliability, simplicity and responsiveness to changing needs with SUSE Federal.

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