Run SAP solutions on SUSE

Transform your organization’s modernization efforts by running SAP solutions on the most reliable, easiest-to-manage platform

SAP solutions are helping federal agencies protect communities and serve constituents. SUSE is the leading and most trusted open source platform for SAP solutions, building on 20 years of partnership and co-innovation success between both companies. With SUSE and SAP, you run with the best to build better outcomes for your organization’s missions.

SAP government customers trust SUSE – the platform of choice for successful SAP projects

Working with SUSE, the trusted and preferred open source platform for SAP government customers, means you can get the most out of your existing solutions today, and easily build with next-generation solutions tomorrow. This is why SAP itself has chosen SUSE for its operations and customer-facing services.

SUSE supports your agencies SAP solutions from private, hybrid and public cloud as well as on-premises. We also deliver the container infrastructure for SAP’s most forward-looking solutions including SAP S/4HANA and SAP Data Hub. Drive efficiencies and increase innovation across your agency by delivering SAP services faster, more efficiently and with less risk.

Automate processes, make data-driven decisions, and empower employees – with ease and intelligence.

Fast and flexible delivery

To achieve your organizational modernization goals you need to deliver new services and adapt to changing priorities in a responsive manner.

With automation of core services, government employees are free to focus on simplifying complicated processes and providing more personalized, self-managed services for citizens on all channels.

SUSE supports faster implementation and responsive delivery of SAP solutions both on-premises and in multiple cloud configurations. Through flexible application delivery and data integration you can adapt to new requirements and scale operations in a far more responsive way.

Run forward with innovation

The unique demands in the federal space can make it challenging to balance the need to meet critical objectives and modernize the IT infrastructure while also maintaining service reliability and uptime. Organizational continuity can be maintained using SUSE Live Patching of the Linux kernel, preventing unplanned downtime.

SUSE solutions for SAP applications help you drive innovation by managing workloads with easy-to-use tools that reduce the time and effort for system configuration and maintenance. You can automate the overhead of maintaining the Linux estate, and easily ensure compliance of containerized and virtual workloads. In doing so, you can maintain service and security far more efficiently, to turn your focus from maintenance to advancing the mission.

Automate processes, make data-driven decisions, and empower employees – with ease and intelligence.


Learn how SUSE helps you run SAP solutions with reliability, simplicity, and responsiveness to changing needs

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Building a More Responsive Government


SUSE provides automation tools for SAP solutions to reduce the cost of switching to and maintaining the Linux and container estate


Our solutions help you ensure compliance across a range of configurations, including containerized and virtual workloads


We empower you to more quickly deploy SAP services in the cloud and on-premises

    Customer Success

    Duas Rodas achieves 100% system uptime

    • User-friendly interface drives comprehensive management
    • Scalable operating system enables future business expansion
    • Guarantees stability with automatic fail-over in event of a server outage

    Alegri International Group reduces operating costs by 60% with integrated automation

    • Optimized for Microsoft Azure cloud to deliver SAP HANA technology in minutes instead of weeks
    • Provides a tested, reliable and easy-to-manage platform to operate mission-critical SAP applications
    • Integrated automation allows clients to start and stop virtual servers rapidly as required

    Achmea extends availability of SAP HANA on Microsoft Azure to "six 9s"

    • Provides a stable platform in the cloud for mission-critical SAP HANA workloads
    • Offers exceptional flexibility and speed of provisioning
    • Delivers an SAP-certified platform backed by expert global support

See the difference with SUSE SAP Solutions

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching

A cutting-edge technology that applies patches to your Linux kernel without rebooting your system to improve business continuity, reduce downtimes, and enhance security and compliance

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SUSE Manager

A best-in-class open source infrastructure management solution for enterprise DevOps and IT Operations teams to more easily manage assets over software-defined infrastructure

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See the difference with SUSE SAP Solutions