IBM LinuxONE III (8561)
Network Server
23 Sep 2019

YES CERTIFIED with the following products:
Operating Systems:
  SUSEĀ® Linux Enterprise Server for z Systems 15     Service Pack 1 for SUSEĀ® SLES 15

Product Description
IBM LinuxONE III (8561)

Tested Configuration:
Computer Type:System z Platform
Mother Board Revision:N/A
CPU:16 IBM  z15 CPU (8561)
Ports and Bus Types:zSeries
Host Bus Adapter:IBM  SCSI/FCP , SCSI
IBM  Ficon Express16 , FibreChannel
Hard Disk Drive:IBM  SCSI/FCP Disk Storage Device , SCSI
IBM  FICON DASD Storage Device , FibreChannel
IBM  ECKD DASD Storage Device , FibreChannel
Test Kit:System Certification Kit 8.3.0-27.1

Config Notes
  1. For optimizing your setup:
  2. Watchdog: This system does not support the Watchdog Timer.
  3. Power management: System/Processor does NOT support dynamic CPU frequency scaling.

Referenced Bulletins

Adapters and Drivers
2 IBM  OSA-Express 7S (10 GB)
Driver Type: LAN DriverDriver Name: qeth.ko
Driver Date: 14-May-2019Driver Size: 233336

Driver Type: Driver Name: zfcp.ko
Driver Date: 14-May-2019Driver Size: 218400

IBM  Ficon Express16
Driver Type: Driver Name: zfcp.ko
Driver Date: 14-May-2019Driver Size: 218400

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IBM LinuxONE III (8561)

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