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SUSE Bulletin System

SBS is the database and associated interface for creating, storing, and accessing YES Certification Bulletins. From this web-based interface, authenticated partners may submit certification test results, manage in-process certification submissions, communicate with SUSE Partner Engineering, and view released certification bulletins.

Depending on the type of SBS access which you have been granted, a "submission" link may appear below the "YES CERTIFIED Bulletin Search" link on this page. If you require SBS submission access but a "submission" link is not visible below, please contact your SUSE Partner Manager to request modification of your SBS access. .

The SUSE mark of product compatibility and high standard. Find out why your customers expect to see this symbol of excellence on your products.

*** Please note: General Support will end for SLES 15 SP2 on 31 December 2021; general certifications for SLES 15 SP2 will end on January 31 2022 (Including 3C copies of existing SLES 15 SP2 bulletins).

****** NEW Test Kit 8.6 Released 6/22/2021 ******

The ISO of this new SCK can be downloaded from: SCK 8.6 Download or the Yes Systems Tools Webpage .
The SCK 8.6 announcement letter can be viewed at: Announcement Letter. The latest SCK 8.6 Documentation can be downloaded at: SCK Documentation.

Please note:
1) All unreleased bulletin submissions will be deleted when they become 1 year old or when the end date of general support for the tested OS has passed, whichever comes first.
2) Some browsers may require you to Right-click and choose Save As or Download Linked File... in order to download the file.

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