PowerEdge R415
Network Server
Dell Incorporated
27 Oct 2014

YES CERTIFIED with the following products:
Operating Systems:
  SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server 12 for AMD64 & Intel64

Product Description
The PowerEdge R415 is a 2-socket, 1U rack server ideal for IT infrastructure, file/print, web application, email and small virtualization deployments as well as entry HPC implementations.

Tested Configuration:
Computer Type:Rack Mount
Mother Board Revision:A02
BIOS/uEFI:BIOS : 2.2.1
CPU:2 AMD  Eight-Core Opteron™ 4386 3.1 GHz
RAM:262136 MB
Ports and Bus Types:PCI Express X16
4 USB Ports
Video Adapter:Matrox®  MGA G200eW
Host Bus Adapter:Dell  PERC H700 Integrated , Serial SCSI (SAS)
AMD  SP5100 , Serial ATA (SATA)
Hard Disk Drive:4 Western Digital  WD5002ABYS , Serial ATA (SATA)
CD/DVD:Teac  DV-28S-W , Serial ATA (SATA)
Test Kit:System Certification Kit 7.3.0-94.2

Config Notes

    Adapters and Drivers
    2 Broadcom®  BCM5716 NetXtreme II Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
    Driver Type: LAN DriverDriver Name: bnx2.ko
    Driver Date: 19-Aug-2014Driver Size: 133583
    Checksum: 769e7712bed0b19fd406c38b3ab8ca3f
    Driver Version: 2.2.5

    Dell  PERC H700 Integrated
    Driver Type: HBA DriverDriver Name: megaraid_sas.ko
    Driver Date: 19-Aug-2014Driver Size: 168407
    Checksum: dffa65a5656721e9da8e501ba6606dde
    Driver Version: 06.803.01.00-rc1

    AMD  SP5100
    Driver Type: HBA DriverDriver Name: ata_generic.ko
    Driver Date: 20-Aug-2014Driver Size: 13951
    Checksum: 6d6687163990881ee499af3cf20d1b00
    Driver Version: 0.2.15

    Driver Type: HBA DriverDriver Name: pata_atiixp.ko
    Driver Date: 20-Aug-2014Driver Size: 15543
    Checksum: db12eddb6d3bdc37b0615fbb9e38fc67
    Driver Version: 0.4.6

    Matrox®  MGA G200eW
    Driver Type: Video DriverDriver Name: mgag200.ko
    Driver Date: 19-Aug-2014Driver Size: 97007
    Checksum: ff7887102425f2bba08fd653c21d6ebb

    The term YES CERTIFIED applies only to the exact configuration documented in this bulletin. For more information on hardware exchange policies, please access the following document and view the Hardware Component Exchange Guide.


    For more information regarding the specific test configuration, please contact:

    Dell Incorporated
    1 DELL WAY
    ROUND ROCK , TX   78682


    PowerEdge R415

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