SUSE Writers Network

What is the SUSE Writers Network?

The SUSE Writers Network is a way to show what you know, give back to the community, and build your credibility. We work with authors and technologists from around the world to produce high quality articles on SUSE, Rancher, Linux, Linux Management, Kubernetes, container management and orchestration and related technologies.

Why Should I Participate?

By contributing to the Rancher community, you'll help readers understand modern development and operations practices better through detailed explanations and practical guidance.

Improve your writing and communication skills

Publishing is a feedback-driven process that can help you understand your audience better, explain complex subjects clearly, and iterate to produce better results.

Give back

We all rely on open-source software in some form or another. Creating educational content is a fantastic way to give back to your communities without committing code or donating money.

Establish your voice

Sharing what you know demonstrates the breadth and depth of your technical knowledge, highlights your ability to teach others, and positions you as an authority on your topic.

How Does it Work?

Writers create valuable technical articles by conducting research, organizing ideas, and writing clear and thoughtful content.

If you’re interested, you'll need to apply. Follow the instructions to get started. Upon being accepted, you'll work with a coordinator on the content team to decide what to work on, agree on a project plan, and discuss submission details.