Product Support Lifecycle for SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 and 9 Platform Solutions

  General Support Extended Support
  Years 1-4 Year 5 Years 6-7 Years 8-10
Enhancement Requests Yes No No No
Hardware Enablement/Optimization Yes Yes1 No No
Defect Resolution Yes Yes Yes2 optional
Critical Security Updates Yes Yes Yes optional
Installation and Configuration Support Yes Yes Yes optional
Access to Patches and Fixes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to SUSE Knowledgebase Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to Support Forums Yes Yes Yes Yes
Technical Subscriptions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to Documentation Yes Yes Yes Yes

1 Limited. Based on partner and customer requests.

2 Limited. Severity Level 1 and 2 defects only.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Platform Product Lifecycle

SUSE provides customers with ten years of support and SUSE subscription options for SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 and 9 based products.

General Support

The General Support phase for SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 and 9 based Platform Solutions is seven years, beginning on the first date of general availability for a product. During the General Support phase, SUSE provides updates for improving the stability and performance of the platform, addressing security vulnerabilities, enabling hardware and enhancing features requested by customers.

SUSE generally releases service packs every 12 to 18 months. Once a new service pack is released, we provide the industry standard six-month window in which we continue to deliver the critical support you need for the previous service pack, while you plan for, test and implement the new service pack release.

If your data center requires additional time to adequately design, validate and test your execution plans, we offer Long Term Service Pack Support.

Extended Support

When the General Support phase ends, the product moves to the Extended Support phase. The Extended Support phase for SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 and 9 based Platform Solutions is 3 years. During the Extended Support phase, and with the purchase of Long Term Service Pack Support, customers with specialized environments may keep their configuration as is and receive full support as well as critical security updates and bug fixes.

Program Temporary Fix (PTF)

PTFs are created as needed to address a specific customer related issue. As customers report issues against the product, SUSE will evaluate what is necessary to address the issue and release the fix as a PTF to the end customer. If SUSE determines the issue may impact multiple customers, it will consolidate the PTF into a maintenance update for public release. As with maintenance updates, PTFs are created against previously released maintenance updates.


Self-support options are offered from the first date of general availability for a product and will remain available for a minimum of ten years. Get more details on the available self-support options.