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Maintaining deployed software systems is more challenging than ever before, but software application images or appliances offer a new opportunity for efficient and cost-effective software application deployment.

SUSE Lifecycle Management Server is an integrated part of SUSE Studio™. SUSE Lifecycle Management Server streamlines the process of updating and maintaining your software applications. It monitors and manages software application images throughout their lifetime. With SUSE Lifecycle Management Server you get a single platform to manage entitlements and deliver unified updates to your deployed software application images.

This integrated lifecycle management for your software applications streamlines the process of addressing security issues and other problems. You are able to validate the correctness of the updated software application image, whether the application image already exists or is new. Once the integrated testing is complete, you can release the updates. SUSE Lifecycle Management Server will stage updated software application images or appliances to prevent errors or update incompatibilities at the customer side. This eliminates the headaches that come with system integration, and provides you with a recovery path in case the update fails.

SUSE Lifecycle Management Server is tightly integrated in SUSE Studio. Therefore, it triggers the rebuild of application images within SUSE Studio and provides incremental updates to existing deployed software applications. By using SUSE Lifecycle Management Server, you can:

  • Reduce the time, cost and complexity of managing, supporting and controlling your deployed software applications
  • Maintain control of delivery of updates and patches for your deployed software applications by using the previous version of the repository
  • Decrease troubleshooting costs, compliance issues and application outages related to software updates