SUSE Rancher Hosted

Accelerate your organization's digital transformation by scaling your Kubernetes environment with SUSE Rancher Hosted. The fastest, most cost-effective pathway to multi-cluster Kubernetes across your business.

What is SUSE Rancher Hosted?

A premium ’white-glove’ service helping organizations manage the operational complexities of SUSE Rancher from install, upgrades to monitoring without losing access, control or useability.

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Focus on Day 2 operations

Teams can focus on deploying and managing more clusters and let our expert team manage the operational overhead of SUSE Rancher Hosted.

Business continuity for critical infrastructure and applications

SUSE Rancher Hosted ensures the continuity of your critical infrastructure and applications if resourcing requirements changes across your organization – freeing up your staff for other critical obligations.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Offloading the overhead for managing your SUSE Rancher Hosted control plane not only reduces operational risk but is better economics. SUSE Rancher Hosted is the fastest and most affordable route to onboarding Kubernetes at scale.

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Focus less on software complexity and move your business forward

Top 4 Features

SUSE Rancher Hosted supports a customer's on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure including EKS, AKS and GKE. SUSE takes care of the installation, upgrade, and day-to-day operations of your SUSE Rancher control plane.

Consolidate your infrastructure toolsets

Minimize administration of your tech stack and let our expert team manage the operational overhead of installing, upgrading, securing and scaling SUSE Rancher in your enterprise.

24x7/365 Control and Visibility

Teams can get access to downstream clusters at all times to maintain full visibility and control of clusters with SUSE Rancher Hosted.

Enterprise ready with 99.9% uptime SLA

Scale Kubernetes confidently with our 99.9% uptime SLA and add-on subscription support for built-in tooling like Grafana, Prometheus, Fluentd and Istio.

Reliable remote monitoring and logging

Let the team of experts that created SUSE Rancher optimize your deployment with zero maintenance overhead.

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如果技能阻碍了您的转型,那么 SUSE 培训就是您的理想之选。我们全面的课程组合和认证路径提供相关培训,可满足您的需求、适合您的计划和业务。



通过直接访问了解您、您的团队和您的基础设施的资源来扩展您的 SUSE 支持。实时了解变化的步伐和客户的期望,同时高效处理日常业务。


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SUSE Rancher Hosted provides a ‘white-glove’ service helping enterprises manage the operational complexities of SUSE Rancher – the world’s most popular Kubernetes management platform.

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