Alliance partners since 2004, SUSE and VMware can support your Linux on VMware requirement on vSphere, OpenStack or in the public cloud.

SUSE and VMware have teamed to provide best-in-class Linux virtualization solutions–on-premise, or in private, hybrid and public clouds–that allow you to leverage your investment in VMware tools and solutions to manage the industry's most interoperable enterprise Linux.

SUSE and VMware
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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is a fully tested, certified and supported Linux guest OS for vSphere and thousands of SUSE customers are running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server virtualized on ESXi. VMware supports new SUSE releases immediately upon general availability. In addition to providing a robust and reliable data center virtualization solution, SUSE and VMware have collaborated to provide solutions for the private cloud (OpenStack) and public cloud.


  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is fully tested, certified and supported on the latest vSphere release
  • Integrated tools and drivers for optimized guest performance on vSphere
  • Supported on-premise (vSphere) and in the cloud
  • Optimized performance in SAP environment with SLES for SAP® Applications virtualized on VMware
  • SLE HA extension complements VMware HA with additional application-level security
  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud provides full support for extending your VMware environment with OpenStack
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is integrated with VMware software appliances
SUSE OpenStack Cloud Based on OpenStack and VMware

SUSE OpenStack Cloud incorporates and offers full support for the compute, network and storage drivers for VMware integration with OpenStack. VMware vCenter continues the management of the VMware virtual environment while SUSE OpenStack Cloud manages the overall activities of the private cloud. The SUSE OpenStack Cloud Administration Server automates the connection between SUSE OpenStack Cloud and a VMware environment, reducing set-up time and increasing the productivity of IT operations and the users of the private cloud. The seamless integration between SUSE OpenStack Cloud and VMware ensures enterprises deploying a private cloud using SUSE OpenStack Cloud can take advantage of the best-in-class capabilities and innovations of VMware and OpenStack while maintaining flexibility in the design and use of their private cloud.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server HA Extension and vSphere

While VMware HA protects the virtual infrastructure, SUSE Linux Enterprise HA extends high availability to applications and is an excellent complement to VMware HA in mission critical environments. It does this by using high availability clustering to automate application and data recovery. Services are continuously monitored, and when a fault or failure occurs, the workload is transferred from one server to another, or the application is automatically restarted on a known working system.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications and VMware

Many customers have extended the benefits of virtualization–maximizing data center capacity and ensuring the highest levels of availability–to their production SAP environment. Especially with the trend from Unix to Linux in the data center, more businesses are running their SAP environment on Linux, and most of those run on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is a preferred Linux platform of SAP and more than 10,000 customers, because it delivers faster installation for shorter time to results, maximized support to lower the costs of operation and maintenance and built-in business continuity to protect business operations. The combination of VMware, SUSE and SAP in the data center provides a best of breed solution for your mission critical SAP environment.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Integrated with VMware Appliances

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is integrated with VMware software appliances and fully supported by VMware with backline support from SUSE. VMware pre-configured appliances facilitate the deployment of VMware software, saving you time and money, and provide you with the assurance of a fully tested solution backed by VMware and SUSE enterprise support.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on VMware Case Studies

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