Modernizing with SQL Server on Linux for a Cloud Native World

Data has saturated all segments of our lives whether it is hosted in a private data center or a public cloud or even at the Edge. Organizations are using big data in a variety of scenarios, including customer relationship management, risk assessment, regulatory compliance tracking, research and development efforts, and much more.

Databases and the platforms they run on are the key to secure, scalable success for businesses and their partners and, ultimately, consumers.

SUSE and Microsoft aim to empower customers to Simplify, Modernize and Accelerate digital transformations by connecting their modern Linux platforms and Open Source tools to the power and scale of Microsoft Azure.

After reading this geek guide, you will learn about...

  • History of SQL Server on Linux and the SUSE/Microsoft partnership
  • Security, performance and high availability scenarios
  • Container management, Big Data Clusters and journey to the cloud

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