SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 15

SUSE® Linux* Enterprise Desktop 15 provides market-leading usability, seamless interoperability, and essential productivity applications. It is deployable as a general-purpose desktop or easily tailored for use in thin- or thick-client configurations. With SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, businesses dramatically reduce costs, improve security, and increase operational reliability.

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Getting Started
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Release Notes 07/16/2018
Installation Quick Start                07/16/2018
Upgrade Guide                07/16/2018
GNOME User Guide                07/16/2018
Installation and Administration
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Administration Guide                07/16/2018
Deployment Guide                07/16/2018
Modules & Extensions Quick Start                07/16/2018
Security Guide                07/16/2018
System Analysis and Tuning Guide                07/16/2018
Previous Releases
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SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 12 SP3 (and below)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 SP4 (and below)