Infiniti Orbital K 6035
18 Jan 2008

YES CERTIFIED with the following products:
  Novell Client™ for Windows® NT/2000/XP 4.91 SP4 

Product Description
Infiniti Orbital K 6035 is an AMD 690G chipset based Desktop system. It supports AMD Athlon Dual core Processors and DDR2 unbuffered memory. It has Integreated ATI Radeon X1250 based graphics controller, ALC 883 onbord audio controller and RTL 8111B onbord LAN controller. It has two PCI and two PCI-E slots. Also it has 4 USB ports.

Tested Configuration:
Computer Type:Desktop
Mother Board Revision:1.01G
CPU:AMD  Athlon™ 64 6000+ X2 Dual Core 3.0 GHz
RAM:2048 MB
Bus Type:Serial
Parallel Port
2 32-bit/33MHz PCI
PCI Express X16
PCI Express X1
4 USB Ports
Video Adapter:ATI®  Radeon™ X1250
Desktop Effect Enabled:No
Power Management:Yes
Host Bus Adapter:ATI®  SB600 , Serial ATA (SATA)
Hard Disk Drive:Hitachi GST  HDS721616PLA380 , Serial ATA (SATA)
CD/DVD:Samsung®  SH-C522 , IDE
Floppy Type:1.44
Test Kit:System Certification Kit 6.1.0-0.28

Config Notes

Adapters and Drivers
ReaLTEK  RTL8111 Integrated Gigabit Ethernet Controller
Driver Type: LAN DriverFile Name: Windows_Network
File Date: 30-Nov-2002File Size: 0

ATI®  SB600
Driver Type: HBA DriverFile Name: Windows_Storage
File Date: 30-Nov-2002File Size: 0

ATI®  Radeon™ X1250
Driver Type: Video DriverFile Name: Windows_Video
File Date: 30-Nov-2002File Size: 0

The term YES CERTIFIED applies only to the exact configuration documented in this bulletin. Components including LAN adapters, host bus adapters and other individually YES CERTIFIED components may be exchanged for other YES CERTIFIED components. For more information on swapping YES CERTIFIED components, please access the following web page:

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