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Novell Bulletin System Summary

bv-Control for NetWare (Control Conpliance Suite for NetWare/NDS)

bv-Control for NetWare (Control Conpliance Suite for NetWare/NDS)
Version 8.20

Symantec Inc.
06 Dec 2006

YES CERTIFIED with the following products:
Operating Systems:
  NetWare® 5.1     Support Pack 8 for NetWare® 5.1

Other Products:
  Novell Client™ for Windows® NT/2000/XP 4.9 SP2 

Product Description
bv-Control® for NetWare® is the most comprehensive solution for proactively administering and securing the reliability and availability of Novell® NetWare®. From Symantec’s centralized RMS® Console, you can report on and administer virtually every aspect of your NetWare servers. bv-Control for NetWare provides IT personnel with key abilities to perform security checks across the enterprise for possible security breaches. Then, by utilizing the bv-Control exclusive ActiveAdmin® technology, those breaches can be quickly and easily resolved with just a few clicks of the mouse. bv-Control for NetWare also provides hundreds of fields that are ActiveAdmin-enabled for easy enterprise-wide administration, saving administrators time and money.

Minimum Hardware Requirements
Required Hard Drive Space:500 MB
Required RAM:512 MB

Product File Specification
Dynamic Link Library (DLL):
File Name: NWSharedFields.dllFile Version:
File Size: 176128
File Name: NWCommon.dllFile Version:
File Size: 1015808
File Name: NWDialogPages.dllFile Version:
File Size: 86016
File Name: NWObjectFields.dllFile Version:
File Size: 679936
File Name: NWProductModule.dllFile Version:
File Size: 2568192
File Name: NWaa.dllFile Version:
File Size: 737280
File Name: NWInternal.dllFile Version:
File Size: 610304
File Name: NWFields.dllFile Version:
File Size: 2052096
File Name: NWUtil.dllFile Version:
File Size: 1966080
File Name: NWUIModule.dllFile Version:
File Size: 233472
File Name: NWCursors.dllFile Version:
File Size: 1011712
File Name: NWTreeFields.dllFile Version:
File Size: 364544
File Name: NWNNAFields.dllFile Version:
File Size: 200704
Software Executable:
File Name: BVJobProcessor.exeFile Version: 8.0.2034.300
File Size: 208896
File Name: bv-NSureImportOfAppSchema.exeFile Version:
File Size: 520192
File Name: UpdateBVIS.exeFile Version:
File Size: 73728
File Name: BVProcessManager.exeFile Version: 8.0.2034.300
File Size: 1654784
File Name: bv-CountForNDS.exeFile Version:
File Size: 700416

Tested Client Configuration:
Supported Platforms:Windows NT
Windows 2000
Supports Novell Cluster Services:No
Target Industries:All Industries
Uses or Stores eDirectory Records:Yes
Test Kit:Software Test Kit v3.20b

Config Notes

The term YES CERTIFIED applies only to the exact configuration documented in this bulletin. For more information regarding the specific test configuration, please contact:

Symantec Inc.
5151 San Felipe #2500
Houston , TX   77056
Voice: 713-561-4000