Device Driver / Host Bus Adapter
Hewlett Packard Company
14 Feb 2006

YES CERTIFIED with the following products:
Operating Systems:
  SUSE® LINUX Enterprise Server 9 for x86

Product Description
The Adaptec Serial ATA II RAID AAR-2820SA Card is an eight-port controller that support SATA or SATA II direct attached disk drives. Adaptec SATA II technology delivers data transfer rates with 3.0 GB/s while also supporting 1.5 GB/s (SATA I) with standard support for RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, and 50.

Primary Driver File(s):
aacraid.ko  ( 94144 bytes   21-Sep-2005 13:13   1.1-5 [2410])

Driver Support File(s)

Host Bus Adapter(s)
Product NameAAR-2820SA
Interface:Serial ATA (SATA)
Bus Type:64-bit PCI-X
BIOS:5.1-0 [8368]

Tested Configuration:
Hard Disk Drive:2 Maxtor®  DiamondMax Plus 9 6Y080M0 , Firmware: V1.0 , Interface: Serial ATA (SATA)
System:Dell  Precision WorkStation 670
Test Kit:DiskKit 5.01.05 - 2005-10-10

Config Notes

The term YES CERTIFIED applies only to the exact configuration documented in this bulletin. For more information regarding the specific test configuration, please contact:

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