AEGIS SecureConnect
Version 4.0

Meetinghouse Data Communications
03 Jan 2006

YES CERTIFIED with the following products:
  eDirectory™ 8.7    Novell Client™ for Windows® NT/2000/XP 4.91 SP1 

Product Description
Meetinghouse's AEGIS SecureConnect 4.0 is an endpoint security client for deploying and managing identity-based network access control for enterprise networks. AEGIS SecureConnect provides IT managers a Layer 2 security framework that leverages an industry standard 802.1X implementation and reduces operational costs associated with protecting endpoint devices. AEGIS SecureConnect works across platforms, with existing WiFi access points, network switches, authentication servers and credential databases. AEGIS SecureConnect enables critical network security policy functions that are designed to protect network endpoint devices, enforce security policies, and give complete control over network access.

Minimum Hardware Requirements
Required Hard Drive Space:30 MB
Required RAM:128 MB

Product File Specification
Installation File:
File NameVersionSizeDate
AegisSecureConnect-2KXP-4_0_0.msi7859200  12-Dec-2005 08:05

Tested Client Configuration:
Supported Platforms:Windows XP
Windows 2000
Supports Novell Cluster Services:No
Target Industries:All Industries
Uses or Stores eDirectory Records:Yes
Test Kit:Software Test Kit v3.20b

Config Notes

The term YES CERTIFIED applies only to the exact configuration documented in this bulletin. For more information regarding the specific test configuration, please contact:

Meetinghouse Data Communications
50 International Drive, Suite 100
Portsmouth , NH   03801
Voice: 1 (603) 430-7710
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