Version 8.2.1

Innovative Routines International, Inc.
09 Dec 2004

YES CERTIFIED with the following products:
Operating Systems:
  SUSE® LINUX Enterprise Server 9 for x86

Product Description
CoSORT is a high-performance sorting package for open systems platforms, and a powerful data manipulation and reporting tool for data warehouse extraction, transformation and loading (ETL). Well beyond parallel sorting CoSORT can also select, join, merge, convert, calculate, aggregate, sequence and reformat huge volumes of disparate sequential data in a single I/O pass and often in a single job script. CoSORT's one/many-to-one/many remapping functionality is used for complex reporting, data warehouse integration and ODS staging. The CoSORT package also delivers several external data layout (metadata) and legacy sort parameter conversion programs, as well as many drop-in replacements for third-party sort functions. CoSORT runs on SLES9 and other Linux flavours, as well as commercial UNIX & Windows platforms.

Minimum Hardware Requirements
Required Hard Drive Space:100
Required RAM:500

Product File Specification
Client File:
File NameVersionSizeDate
elf2scl10640  18-Oct-2004 02:17 PM
cs_child534440  18-Oct-2004 02:16 PM
sorti598040  18-Oct-2004 02:14 PM
ssu2scl1232184  18-Oct-2004 02:16 PM
csv2scl9960  18-Oct-2004 02:17 PM
ctl2scl24968  18-Oct-2004 02:17 PM
libcosort.a844982  21-Oct-2004 10:03 AM
libmcs.a29436  18-Oct-2004 02:16 PM
vse2scl203120  25-Oct-2004 01:39 PM
mvs2scl210080  25-Oct-2004 01:39 PM
cob2scl197032  25-Oct-2004 01:38 PM
sorti2scl543024  25-Oct-2004 02:00 PM
csdatagen9152  25-Oct-2004 01:39 PM
csmemtest8496  25-Oct-2004 01:39 PM
libcla4db2.so20418  26-Oct-2004 06:57 AM
libacucosort.a33550  25-Oct-2004 02:00 PM
libmfcosortse.a33550  25-Oct-2004 02:00 PM
libnat2cs.a5834  26-Oct-2004 07:03 AM
libsort.a76336  28-Oct-2004 04:32 PM
libsortcl.a1107032  27-Oct-2004 07:34 PM
libcosort.so618162  27-Oct-2004 07:34 PM
libsorti.a134710  01-Dec-2004 12:25 AM
libmcs.so28591  01-Dec-2004 12:32 AM
sortcl1200240  18-Oct-2004 02:16 PM
sort569504  28-Oct-2004 04:32 PM

Tested Client Configuration:
Supported Platforms:SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (SLES9)
Windows NT
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Supports Novell Cluster Services:No
Target Industries:Banking
Telecommunications and Media
Uses or Stores NDS Records:No
Test Kit:Software Test Kit for Linux v1.1

Config Notes
CoSORT does not install using rpm. CoSORT installs using a compressed SHAR file. Refer to the CoSORT documentation for more details.

The term YES CERTIFIED applies only to the exact configuration documented in this bulletin. For more information regarding the specific test configuration, please contact:

Innovative Routines International, Inc.
The CoSORT Company
2194 Highway A1A, Suite 303
Melbourne , FL   32937
Voice: (321) 777-8889
Toll Free: 1-800-333-SORT
Fax: (321) 777-8886