BrightStor ARCserve Backup for NetWare
Version r11.1

Computer Associates International, Inc.
17 Aug 2004

Tested and Approved with the following products:
Operating Systems:
  NetWare® 6.5     Support Pack 2 for NetWare® 6.5
  NetWare® 6.5     Support Pack 1.1 for NetWare® 6.5
  NetWare® 6.5     Support Pack 1 for NetWare® 6.5
  NetWare® 6     Support Pack 5 for NetWare 6
  NetWare® 6     Support Pack 4 for NetWare® 6
  NetWare® 6     Support Pack 3 for NetWare® 6
  NetWare® 5.1     Support Pack 7 for NetWare® 5.1
  NetWare® 5.1     Support Pack 6 for NetWare® 5.1

Product Description
BrightStor ARCserve Backup for NetWare is an enterprise-wide storage management software product that allows you to backup and restore data on NetWare servers and all workstations attached to those servers.

Minimum Hardware Requirements
Required Hard Drive Space:8 gig
Required RAM:256 megs

Product File Specification
File NameVersionSizeDate
POOLUTIL.NLMv11.106236  08-Jul-2004 03:23 PM
DISCOVER.NLMv11.10356342  07-Jul-2004 03:29 PM
STANDARD.NLMv11.10679314  12-Jul-2004 03:14 PM
ARCSERVE.NLMv11.10683842  21-Jun-2004 03:29 PM
CSLOADER.NLMv11.1048799  21-Jun-2004 03:27 PM
PFC.NLMv11.10158652  13-Aug-2004 04:44 PM
UNIDMSVR.NLMv11.10159459  25-Jun-2004 03:24 PM
TAPESVR.NLMv11.10811613  12-Jul-2004 05:33 PM
CHANGER.NLMv11.10791505  12-Jul-2004 03:15 PM
ARCOPY.NLMv11.10214052  08-Jul-2004 03:25 PM
INTRLEAV.NLMv11.10121130  07-Jul-2004 04:23 PM
APROCESS.NLMv11.10924928  12-Jul-2004 03:12 PM
FSTAPE.NLMv11.10534919  12-Jul-2004 02:41 PM
ASDB.NLMv11.10321501  02-Jul-2004 03:26 PM
CSDBAPIB.NLMv11.1038001  21-Jun-2004 03:26 PM
UNIDB.NLMv11.10116565  21-Jun-2004 03:30 PM
UNIQSVR.NLMv11.10256383  28-Jun-2004 10:44 AM
NWAGENT.NLMv11.10266522  21-Jun-2004 03:29 PM
CABATCH.NLMv11.10140392  08-Jul-2004 03:24 PM
ASUTIL.NLMv11.1052959  21-Jun-2004 03:27 PM

Tested Client Configuration
Supported Platforms:NetWare
Novell Console One
Supports Novell Cluster Services:No
Target Industries:All Industries
Uses or Stores NDS Records:No
Test Kit:Software Test Kit v3.20b

Config Notes

The term Tested and Approved applies only to the exact configuration documented in this bulletin. For more information regarding the specific test configuration, please contact:

Computer Associates International, Inc.
One Computer Associates Plaza
Islandia,  NY   11749
Voice: 631-342-6000
Fax: 631-342-6800